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Minnesota Department of Human Services MN–ITS User Manual
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MHCP delivers the following provider information electronically to each provider’s MN–ITS mailbox account:

  • • Provider News
  • • Provider updates
  • • Enrollment letters
  • • Medical, Dental and Service Authorization letters
  • • Remittance Advice (RA’s).
  • Review the MN–ITS User guide Access and Use MN–ITS Mailbox for more information about using your mailbox account.

    Mailbox Folders

    The MN–ITS mailbox has the following three sections:

  • • Mailbox Home
  • • Transaction Responses
  • • Miscellaneous Received
  • Each section contains specific folders for various business functions. The administrator of each MN–ITS account determines the access each user has within these sections and folders within each section.

    Documents remain in each folder until MHCP removes the documents. Providers are unable to delete items from the mailbox.

    Use the table below to see the folders in each section, the information in each folder and amount of time documents remain in each folder before MHCP removes the items from the folder.

    Mailbox Section

    Mailbox Folders

    Type of Item/Document

    Retention Schedule



    Links to online web pages including:

  • • Provider News
  • • Provider Updates
  • • Provider Announcements
  • 30 days


    Items provider requests be resubmitted to their mailbox

    30 days

    Transaction Responses

    835 PDF

    PDF version of the RA – delivered to all providers with any claim transactions during a pay cycle

    One year

    835 X12

    X12 version of the RA – delivered to all X12 batch submitters with any claim transactions submitted during a pay cycle

    One year

    277 Request Status Response

    X12 version of the request claim status response (277) – delivered to X12 Batch submitters when sending request claim status inquiries (276)

    90 days

    271 Eligibility Response

    X12 version of the eligibility response (271) – delivered to X12 Batch submitters when sending eligibility requests (270)

    90 days


    Acknowledgment response showing receipt of X12 835 file transaction

    90 days


    Acknowledgment response showing reason X12 835 file transaction was unsuccessful

    90 days


    Encounter Claims – used by only by managed care organizations (MCO)

    90 days


    Outbound responses to NCPDP Encounter files

    90 days


    Used only by hospitals, one timer per year, to receive results and error files for Medicaid PMAP eligibility matches.

    90 days

    Production Failed

    Files submitted by an X12 batch submitter yet unable to be accepted by MHCP

    90 days

    Test Results

    Files showing results when testing syntax errors for X12 batch transactions

    90 days

    Miscellaneous Received


    PDF documents for communicating important information about a providers’ enrollment with MHCP

    90 days


    PDF copies of authorization letters for the following types of items/services:

  • • Medical
  • • Dental
  • • Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
  • 90 days


    PDF copies of service authorization letters for the following items/services:

  • • Chemical Dependency
  • • Home Care
  • • PCA
  • • Waiver
  • 90 days


    Copies of service authorization letters sent to lead agency (county/tribe/MCO) case managers and health care coordinators

    90 days


    Reports sent to counties and tribes of claim transactions

    90 days

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