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2015 legislative session fact sheets now online

Fact sheets that summarize budget proposals for the 2015 legislative session have been added to the DHS website on the fact sheets page. More information is also posted on the Minnesota Management & Budget website.

2013 County Human Service Cost Report is available online

The annual Minnesota County Human Service Cost Report for Calendar Year 2013 (PDF) is available on DHS’ public website. The report, compiled by the Financial Operations Division, contains statewide and county-specific costs and revenue shares for economic support, health and social service programs.

Commissioner Jesson announces agency goals for 2015

DHS Commissioner Lucinda Jesson has announced agency goals and action steps for 2014. The goals and action steps with a focus on people, innovation, equity and integrity are contained in the document Framework for the Future: 2015 (PDF), which is available on the DHS website. This direction builds on accomplishments from the past year (PDF).

Website available for bulk orders of preprinted DHS documents

Counties, tribes, health care providers and others who order DHS documents now have a new website to order preprinted forms. Customers can now access the order fulfillment website off the eDocs forms and documents repository on DHS' public website.

Self-sufficiency and health care statistics report is online

The Family Self-Sufficiency and Health Care Program Statistics available through March 2015 (PDF) report is available online. The report, compiled by the Reports and Forecasts Division, includes caseload numbers and expenditures for cash, emergency and food assistance programs and health care programs.

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