Minnesota Health Care Programs

Minnesota Health Care Programs include:

  • Medical Assistance (MA)
  • MinnesotaCare
  • Minnesota Family Planning Program
  • Home and community-based waiver programs
  • Medicare Savings Programs.
  • These programs may help pay for all or part of your health care costs if you:

  • Do not have insurance.
  • Cannot get affordable health insurance through a job.
  • Have a disability or chronic condition and need help paying for care and services to stay in your home.
  • Need help paying for care in a nursing home, hospital or other medical facility.
  • Have other insurance or Medicare but need help paying the premiums, deductibles and copays or need services not covered.

  • See Who is eligible for more information about who can get help.

    To see if you can get coverage, we may need information about:

  • Your income
  • Items you own, such as property you do not live in or bank accounts
  • Health insurance you have or can get
  • Your disability
  • Anything else required by law.

  • See How to apply for application forms, answers to questions, and more.

    If you qualify for coverage:

    You may need to pay:

  • A monthly premium
  • Copays for certain services
  • Part of your income towards your health care costs.

  • How much you pay depends on the program you qualify for, your household size, income, age, pregnancy status, and if you are blind or have a disability. For example, pregnant women and children usually do not pay anything. See Who is eligible for more information.

    Most people get their health care services through a health plan. You choose your health plan from those offered in the county where you live. You will get information in the mail if you need to choose a plan.

    If you do not qualify for coverage:

    You may qualify for an Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC). An APTC allows you to take a federal credit right away to pay part or all of your health care premium when you enroll in a health plan through MNsure, Minnesotas health insurance market place.

    The following documents may be helpful:

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