Child Support – Payment Information for Employers

Most child support orders require employers to automatically withhold basic support, medical support, and child care support obligations from an obligor’s pay.

  • Sending payments
    Minnesota Child Support Online

    Information to include with payments

    Sending payments for multiple employees

    Questions about payments
  • Sending payments

    Send all child support that you collect to the appropriate child support agency.

    Employers and payors of funds for Minnesota cases may send child support payments:

    • online through the Minnesota Child Support Online File Upload

    • by electronic funds transfer (EFT).pdf using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network

    • by check through the U. S. mail.

    Minnesota Child Support Online

    Minnesota Child Support Online is a secure Web site that allows employers and other payors of funds to make income withholding payments online. You are ready to make online payments once:

  • • you have registered
  • • have added your company information and
  • • have added at least one employee to your company’s employee list.
  • If you are an employer or other payor of funds that is required or authorized to withhold support from an employee’s income and send it to a Minnesota child support agency, send the payments to the following address:

    Minnesota Child Support Payment Center
    P.O. Box 64306
    St. Paul, MN 55164-0306

    If you are sending money to another state based on that state’s request for income withholding, continue to send those payments to the state that requested the withholding.

    If you are sending money to county agencies for other obligations such as restitution, delinquent taxes, or foster care, continue to send those payments to the county office.

    Information to include with payments

    Identify payments sent to the child support agency. Include all of the following information for each employee on every payment:

  • • Employee name
  • • Social Security Number
  • • Payment amount
  • • Date the remainder of the payment was paid to the obligor
  • • Case number, if known
  • • Court file number, if known
  • Sending payments for multiple employees

    Employers and payors of funds may combine all amounts withheld from employees’ pay and remit a single payment to the appropriate child support agency. However, submit the following information with each remittance:

  • • names of employees for whom withholding is being sent
  • • dates the employees were paid the remainder of the income
  • • social security numbers for each employee
  • • case identifier numbers for each employee
  • Questions about payments

    If you have questions about income withholding or where to send payments, contact the county agency at the number provided on the income withholding request.

    If you have already contacted the county and need further assistance, contact the Minnesota Child Support Enforcement’s Partners Line at:

    (651) 431-4344 Metro calling area
    (800) 657-3890

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