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Minnesota Department of Human Services Community-Based Services Manual (CBSM)
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Service - Case Management Aide

Effective Date: 10/01/03

Review Date: 10/01/03

Legal Authority

Federally approved CAC, CADI and TBI Waiver Plans


Assistance to the case manager in carrying out administrative activities of the case management function.

Covered Services

Case management aides shall perform only those tasks delegated and supervised by the case manager that do not involve professional expertise or judgment.

Examples of covered services include:

  • • Case filing
  • • Provider/vendor contact ( for example, to schedule services)
  • • Phone contacts
  • Non-Covered Services

    A case management aide cannot assume responsibilities that require professional judgment. Case management aides cannot conduct assessments, reassessments or develop care plans.

    Secondary Information

    The case management aide must understand, respect and maintain confidentiality concerning all details of each case. The case manager or case aide cannot have a financial interest in the services provided to the individual unless the case manager is a county staff person.

    Case management aide services must be billed as case aide services and not as case management services. Duplicate payments will not be made for case management services by more than one provider.

    Provider Standards and Qualifications

    The case management aide must:

  • • Be a high school graduate
  • • Have one year of experience as a case aide or in a closely related field or one year of education beyond high school (for example, business school or college)
  • • Be employed by the agency providing case management
  • • Receive oversight by the case manager of delegated tasks
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