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Lists available from the Minnesota Department of Human Services

The Minnesota Department of Human Services maintains some electronic mail lists. Subscriptions are available for the following lists. To subscribe to the list, select the list name. Subscribers will receive a system-generated email message from the lists they subscribe to. This service is provided at no cost by the Department of Human Services.

In compliance with state data privacy law Minnesota Statutes Section 13.356 (Personal Contact and Online Account Information), DHS provides notice that the following data provided to DHS is private: A subscriber's telephone number; email address; and (3) Internet user name, password, Internet protocol address, and any other similar data related to an individual subscriber's online account or access procedures.

Furthermore, data provided under paragraph (a) may only be used for the specific purpose for which the individual provided the data.

Additionally, DHS shall not market or sell the list of businesses that subscribe or their email addresses.

Aging and Adult Services Lead Agency

This list is used to provide information to county and tribal agencies and managed care organization staff working with the Elderly Waiver, Alternative Care, and Long Term Care programs. Information may include identifying new bulletins, MMIS changes, policy updates, and other related topics.


Aging and Adult Services Video Conferencing

Subscribe to this list to receive announcements of videoconferences sponsored by the DHS Aging and Adult Services Division.


ASD Stakeholders

This list is used to notify interested individuals of updates to the Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) page, as well as other relevant news related to autism spectrum disorders.



DHS issues bulletins to communicate official department policy to counties, tribes and other organizations. As a subscriber to this list, you will receive email notification when a bulletin is released.


eDocs Forms Update Notification

eDocs update notices will be sent out to subscribers interested in knowing when a DHS form changes in eDocs.


Encounter Data Communication

The list is used to tell members about updates to the DHS MCO public website, including posting of new guides or new calendars, and additional pages. It will also be used to alert MCOs and submitters about managed-care specific changes that are happening or about other managed care news.


Employability Measure (EM) User

To send information and updates to users of the Employability Measure (EM) and MFIP job counselors at counties and local employment service providers.


Disability Benefits 101

This email list provides periodic updates about the website and available training regarding benefits and work.


DHS County Update

DHS County Update is a new mechanism for information sharing between DHS and its county partners.


DHS Media Communications

DHS.Media is an email subscription service that allows you to receive a one-way email notification when DHS Communications issues news releases and media alerts.


Employment Services (ES) User

Receive timely MFIP Employment services information and updates. For all MFIP Employment services front-line workers and managers. As a subscriber to this list, you will receive one email per month.


Federally Qualified Health Centers and Rural Health Clinics Discussion List

This two-way discussion list is for the workgroup consisting of DHS employees, all managed care organizations, their subcontractors and the FQHC/RHC providers.


Grants and RFPs

Updated information on grants and requests for proposals (RFPs).


Live Well At Home

Monthly provider newsletter for the MN Board on Aging-sponsored Live Well at Home framework.


Medicaid and CHIP State Plan Amendments and Waivers

These lists will provide notification regarding the submission, and final disposition, of state plan amendments, waiver submissions, and waiver amendments, along with opportunities for providing comment.


MHCP Provider Lists

DHS informs Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) enrolled providers about policy or billing procedure changes through our provider website. As a subscriber to these lists, you will receive email notification of the most current changes.



The MnCHOICES Matters mailing list shares information, updates and resources for MnCHOICES information. MnCHOICES is a Web-based application that is comprehensive and integrates assessment and support planning for people who need long-term services and supports in Minnesota.


News from DHS

News from DHS is a compilation of news items added to the DHS website during the past month.


PHR for LTSS Demo

This email list provides periodic updates about Minnesota's Personal Health Record for Long Term Services and Supports Demonstration, which is funded by a CMS TEFT Grant.


Recently Posted Licensing Documents

New licensing documents are posted on DHS Licensing Information Lookup daily. Sign up to receive daily emails with links to newly published documents.


SNAP in Action

A quarterly Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) outreach update for our community partners from the Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO).


SNBC Managed Care

Managed Care for People with Disabilities Stakeholder Special Needs BasicCare (SNBC) Expansion is an email subscription service that allows you to receive a one-way email notification when staff for the SNBC Expansion releases meeting dates, notes, agenda, and other items as they pertain to the SNBC Expansion and the Dual Eligible Demonstration Project.


SOCC Advisory Task Force

Sex Offender Civil Commitment (SOCC) Advisory Task Force list serves to notify interested persons of Task Force activity.

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