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How do I know how much my MA-EPD premium is?

Your worker will calculate your premium. You will get a bill telling you how much you owe. Contact your worker if you do not receive a bill within 60 days or if you lost it. After you pay the first premium, you will get a bill each month from the Department of Human Services (DHS).

Can my MA-EPD coverage start before I pay my premium?

No, you must pay your premium before your coverage can start.

What if I have unpaid premiums from previous months?

You must pay those premiums and your current premium before your coverage can start again. Some people may have an approved “good cause” for late payment.

How do I pay my MA-EPD premium?

Your first premium must be paid to the county. It can be paid either by mail or in person at your local county office. You should receive a self-addressed envelope from the county with your first premium bill. If you do not have the envelope, contact your worker for the mailing address.

After your first premium is paid, you will get a bill each month from DHS. They are mailed on the 4th of each month. Payment is due by the 15th of the next month for coverage the following month.

Example: The premium on the bill mailed August 4 is due September 15 for October coverage.

You can pay your ongoing monthly premiums:

  • • Online
    After you have paid your first premium to the county, you can pay your monthly premium online by checking account withdrawal or credit card. Online payments made by 5 p.m. on a business day will be credited that day. Online payments made after 5 p.m. on a business day, on weekends or holidays will be credited the next business day.
  • • By mail
    Be sure to allow enough time for your premium to arrive by the due date on the bill. Do not mail cash. Send your check or money order, and the stub from your premium notice, to:
    PO Box 64835
    St. Paul, MN 55164-0835

  • DHS discontinued the automatic withdrawal payment option for all health care programs. For enrollees already using automatic withdrawal, the last automatic payment for MA-EPD was taken Dec. 10, 2011. Future premiums and any other amounts due must be paid using one of the options listed above.

    What if I cannot pay my premium?

  • • If you do not pay your first premium, your coverage will not start.
  • • If your coverage has started and you do not pay a premium, your coverage will end. You may request that your coverage continue if you have good cause for making your payment late. Good cause is when something that was out of your control happened that made you unable to pay your bill on time.

  • How do I claim good cause for late payment?

    Send a written request that includes:

  • • the words “Good Cause Claim for MA-EPD”
  • • your legal name
  • • your Minnesota Health Care Programs member number or case number
  • • your address
  • • your phone number
  • • the reason(s) that you could not make your payment on time.

  • Mail or fax your request to:

    DHS - MA-EPD Good Cause
    PO Box 64995
    St. Paul, MN 55164-0995
    Fax: 651-431-7431

    Can I pay premiums in advance?

    Yes, if you pay by mail or online.

    Contact us

    651-431-3205 (in the Twin Cities metro area)
    800-657-3762 (outside the Twin Cities metro area)
    TTY users can call through Minnesota Relay at 800-627-3529;
    for speech-to-speech, call 877-627-3848.
    For general questions about the MA-EPD program call:
    Disability Linkage Line® toll free at 866-333-2466 or
    visit MN Disability Benefits 101 website which offers online help

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