Public planning and performance reporting

The Continuing Care data portal provides citizens and lead agencies with access to local data to compare Minnesota counties on performance measures related to programs for older adults and people with disabilities. The data portal includes both interactive and non-interactive tools. Interactive tools include county profiles on specific performance measures as well as various demographic and economic indicators.

The goals of this data portal are to:

  • • Provide statewide data on performance measures about people and programs
  • • Provide access to reliable aggregate data at the state, county and regional level
  • • Allow local lead agencies to self-monitor progress, identify deficiencies and make improvements
  • • Enable users to generate customized reports based on demographic data or specific performance measures
  • State and county policy makers may use this information to develop programs, track progress against goals and monitor various trends. The planning information is here for citizens who are interested in learning more about their communities.

    Performance measures

    Continuing Care uses the Results-Based Accountability™ model to develop and share best practices in performance measurement. Performance measures are on display at the Continuing Care “Hall of Results” in the Elmer L. Andersen Human Services Building and on the DHS public web site.

    The performance measures reports provide statewide data on based on the goals from the 2011-2015 strategic plan.

    Public reports

    Adult Protection

    The adult protection reports provide county and statewide information on the suspected vulnerable adult maltreatment reports made to the county’s Common Entry Point (CEP).

    Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) programs

    The waiver program waitlists provide information on county and state use of available resources for Home and Community-Based waiver programs including Community Alternative Care (CAC), Community Alternative for Disabled Individuals (CADI), Developmental Disabilities (DD) and Brain Injury (BI).

    The Waiver Review Initiative monitors compliance of counties in their administration of waiver services under Medicaid. This checks their compliance with federal and state regulations as well as identifies practices that improve the quality of service to participants.

    For more information or questions on the reports, email

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