Child Support – Billing statements

Parents can get a child support billing statement showing money owed, any interest charged and money that the Child Support Payment Center (CSPC) r eceived during the last month. The state child support office creates these statements on the first business day of each month. One billing statement is created for each parent that includes information on all of the parent’s cases.

Getting your billing statement

• Online at Minnesota Child Support Online

• By phone on the Child Support Payment Line.

For payment information call:
(651) 431-4340 Twin Cities metro area
(800) 657-3512 Outside the metro area

TTY users call:
(651) 431-4346 Twin Cities metro area
(888) 234-1208 Outside the metro area
or use the Minnesota Relay at 711

By mail
You will get a billing statement in the mail if you owe child support and:

  • • Do not have payments withheld from your wages or unemployment income
  • • Have payments withheld from your wages or unemployment income, and CSPC d oes not receive a payment.

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