Child Support Recreational license suspension

Recreational license suspension can be used as a tool to enforce a court order for child support. The child support agency can request that a parent's current recreational licenses be suspended for owing child support arrears. Future recreational licenses can also be denied if a parent owes child support arrears.

Recreational licenses are Minnesota hunting and fishing licenses. These licenses includes deer, bear, moose, elk, small game, pheasant, turkey, fish, as well as trout, salmon, and migratory waterfowl stamps.


The child support agency can ask the court to suspend a recreational license if all of the following are true:

  • The parent owes arrears at least six times the total current support.
  • The parent is not complying with a written payment plan approved by the court or the child support agency.
  • The parent did not comply with a subpoena related to a paternity or child support proceeding.
  • The child support agency has attempted other substantial enforcement mechanisms without success.
  • Exclusions

    The child support agency cannot ask the court to suspend a recreational license if any of the following is true:

  • The court order prohibits the use of recreational license suspension.
  • The parent who owes child support arrears receives cash public assistance.
  • A modification of the court order is pending.
  • Authority

    Minnesota Statutes can be found on the Minnesota Office of the Revisor Web site.

  • 42 United States Code, section 666 (a)(16)
  • Minnesota Statutes, section 518A.68

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