Chemical Dependency Rates Reform Project

The 2009 Minnesota legislature directed the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division (ADAD) to prepare for the 2011 legislature a statewide rate methodology for the Consolidated Chemical Treatment Fund (CCDTF). The methodology will replace county-negotiated rates with a uniform statewide methodology that includes a graduated reimbursement scale based on the patients’ level of acuity and complexity and performance add-ons.

Rate Reform Financial Activity Report Form iLinc Training

See our Training webpage for details on the upcoming Financial Activity Report Form iLinc Training.

Monitoring and Technical Assistance Area Map

The ADAD Treatment Services Section has divided the state of Minnesota into nine (9) monitoring areas. On the ADAD Treatment Services Monitoring and Technical Assistance map (PDF) you will find a legend identifying the state planner assigned to each area and their contact information.

Rate Reform Authorization Codes

When authorizing services for July 1, 2011 or after, placing authorities will use modifiers to identify they type of treatment or specialty it is authorizing. In addition, the procedure codes for outpatient treatment have changed. Click here to see those modifiers and codes (PDF).

County and Tribal Monitor/Contact Directory

The following list has been compiled in order to assist counties, tribes and providers determine who their ADAD monitor/contact person is. Counties and tribes are listed alphabetically and providers need only know which county or tribe they are located in. Providers will also find their county/tribal contact information.

Minnesota County and Tribe Directory (PDF)

Program Standards and Rate Reform Grid

The following documents may be used to decide what treatment services you will be providing:

The Program Standards (PDF) defines the services and the requirements for rate enhancements. Providers must meet the relevant requirements in order to receive a particular rate.

Prior to 3/1/13

The Rate Reform Grid with Dollar Amounts – prior to 3-1-2013 (PDF) reflects the percentages grid in dollar amounts (for dates of service prior to 3/1/13).

As of 3/1/13

The Rate Reform Grid with Dollar Amounts – as of 3-1-2013 (PDF) reflects the percentages grid in dollar amounts (for dates of service 3/1/13 and after).

Rate Reform Monitoring Checklist for Program Standards

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division (ADAD) has developed a checklist for monitoring compliance with the program standards.  Programs may use the self-monitoring checklist to monitor compliance with the program standards.  Each check list includes the statute or rule requirements, and the language from the requirement.  Indicate compliance with the requirements under the column titled “item met or not met” using the following codes:

• 0 = program met the standards

• 1 = program did not meet the standards

• N/A = not applicable

The program standards apply to the chemical dependency programs licensed by the State of Minnesota or the tribes.

• Residential treatment programs for adults and adolescents

• Treatment for intravenous drug abusers

• Co-occurring services

• Treatment for pregnant women and women with children

• Special populations

• Medical services

The checklist will also be used by DHS, ADAD monitors for evaluating programs in the future.

Cover Page (PDF)
Assisted Therapy, Residential Services, Federal Regulations (PDF)

Room & Board (PDF)

Enhancements (PDF)

More Information

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