Housing Options Initiative

What is the Housing Options Initiative?

Minnesota passed legislation in 2009 that requires DHS to study, pilot and expand available, affordable, accessible, independent housing options for people with disabilities of all ages that use home and community based services. The Evaluation of Current and Potential Housing Options for Persons with Disabilities Report DHS-6354 (PDF) was submitted to the Minnesota Legislature April 2011.

Why is the Housing Options Initiative important?

Growth in the cost of corporate foster care has resulted in the need for DHS to offer alternative, cost effective housing options.

Creating sustainable residential housing models within DSD CHOICE values will allow for the following;

  • • People have the ability to seek the right amount of service in the most independent setting possible
  • • The disability residential supports system can minimize physical plant costs
  • What other DSD projects are connected to this project?

  • The Housing Options Initiative is one of a number of DSD projects currently working on residential support services and housing solutions for people with disabilities. Housing projects include the following:
  • • Elimination of PCA in licensed settings
  • • Evaluation of technology grants
  • • Housing access services
  • • Size and location
  • Who is involved with this project?

    External stakeholders include representatives from the following:

  • • Advocacy groups
  • • Consumers of disability-related housing services
  • • Department of Administration
  • • Lead agencies
  • • Minnesota Housing Finance Agency
  • • Provider agencies
  • Where can I find more information?

    Find more housing resources and brochures at the Arc of Minnesota: Want a home of your own?
    Send an e-mail to Dhs.housingoptions@state.mn.us with questions or comments about housing resources.

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