Minnesota Sex Offender Program Overview

The Minnesota Sex Offender Program (MSOP) provides services to individuals who have been court-ordered to receive sex offender treatment. MSOP clients have completed their prison sentences and are civilly committed by the courts and placed in sex offender treatment for an indeterminate period of time. A civil court may commit a person for sex offender treatment if a judge determines that the individual is a “sexual psychopathic personality,” a “sexually dangerous person,” or both.

MSOP is one program with two locations – Moose Lake and St. Peter. As of Oct. 1, 2014, MSOP was providing treatment for 703 clients across both sites. Most clients begin treatment at the MSOP Moose Lake facility and after successfully completing the first two phases of treatment, are transferred to the St. Peter facility to complete treatment and begin working toward provisional discharge. Clients acquire skills through active participation in group therapy and are provided opportunities to demonstrate meaningful change through participation in rehabilitative services including education classes, therapeutic recreational activities and vocational work program assignments. MSOP staff observes and monitors clients not only in treatment groups, but also in all aspects of daily living.

MSOP needs to have community placements ready in the event the courts provisionally discharge clients. MSOP is exploring alternative placements for clients who can be treated safely in settings that are secure yet less restrictive than the facilities at Moose Lake and St. Peter. Plans to develop a site in Cambridge have been suspended.

To learn more, read MSOP’s Frequently Asked Questions.

Petition and Hearing Process Chart – September 2013

Sex Offender Civil Commitment in Minnesota – Conference Materials – January 2012

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