SSIS Fiscal Online Training

SSIS uses iLinc and other web-based training tools for users to take online training. Web-based trainings are interactive training sessions to inform users about SSIS and demonstrate how different functions are performed using SSIS. SSIS conducts live iLinc training sessions and records them for users to view the recorded training at any time that is convenient for them.

Registration Process for Live iLinc Training Sessions

1. Click on the following link: – There’s no need to sign in.

2. Click Public Sessions.

a. Clicking on a session displays Session Information.

3. Select the check box next to the session.

4. Click the Register button.

5. Complete the required fields.

6. Click the Submit button.

You will receive an email from the Leader of the iLinc session at the email address you used when you registered.
This email includes:

• Date and Time of the iLinc session

• Important instructions on how to join the iLinc session

• Information regarding handouts/materials related to this iLinc session

• Additional instructions on how to ensure your system is set up to participate in the iLinc session.

Complete the system check prior to the date and time of the iLinc session to verify that your agency’s
IT requirements are compatible and your desktop is configured to work with the iLinc software.
Once the training session has started, SSIS cannot assist with troubleshooting if your equipment
is not configured to work with the iLinc software.

Accessing Recorded iLinc Training Sessions

1. Click on the following link: - No need to sign in.

2. Click Public Sessions.

3. Click the Join tab.

4. Search for and find the iLinc session you would like to watch.

a. Recorded sessions are identified with a record icon.

5. Click the Open button for that session.

6. The session will open in a new window.

Recorded iLinc Training Sessions

Date Created/Updated

Fiscal Mentor Refresher #1 – General Navigation, Case/Workgroup/Participant, Searches/Logs Recording – approx. 55 minutes


Fiscal Mentor Refresher #2 – COA, COA Maximums, Business Organizations Recording – approx. 80 minutes


Fiscal Mentor Refresher #3 – Service Arrangements Recording – approx. 110 minutes


Fiscal Mentor Refresher #4 – Payments Recording – approx.. 90 minutes


Healthcare Claiming – General Overview Part 1 – approx.. 75 minutes


Healthcare Claiming – General Overview Part 2 – approx.. 30 minutes


Note: You can pause recorded iLinc sessions and return to them later.  If you exit the session before it is completed, you will be prompted to “Resume Playback?” when joining the session again later.  Click “Yes” to resume the session at the point you exited. Click “No” if you wish to view the session from the beginning.

Accessing Web-Based Trainings

SSIS Users may benefit from additional web-based trainings available on TrainLink. Information regarding how to access these trainings can be found on the Worker Training (W - Web Based Training) webpage. These web-based trainings may be helpful with basic skills and navigation of SSIS. The web-based training modules were developed for social workers; however, some of the information may be beneficial to fiscal staff Training developed specifically for fiscal workers is covered in the two-day Fiscal New Worker Training. Fiscal staff are strongly encouraged to attend.

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