Child Support ezDocs

Child Support ezDocs is an interactive web tool developed to help Minnesota child support participants:

  • • Request the child support agency review their current child support court order for changes,
  • • Respond to a request for a review of their current child support court order by the child support agency, or
  • • File a motion on their own (pro se modification) to ask the court for a change to their child support order if the participant chooses not to hire a lawyer. A tutorial is available for completing these pro se forms.
  • Using Child Support ezDocs

    To use Child Support ezDocs, you must have an open child support case in a Minnesota county. You should have access to important information about your case(s) -- income, health care coverage and child care expenses -- before using this web tool. In order to use this web tool you must call to obtain a password. The final decision about whether to change an order is made by the court.

    Child Support ezDocs interacts with the Minnesota child support case information system. Some information from your child support case may display.

    What do you need to complete your forms?

    Before you start your forms on Child Support ezDocs, you should have easy access to:

  • • Your MCI number and Social Security number (SSN)
  • • Your most recent child support order(s)
  • • Your income information - payroll stubs, tax forms, etc.
  • • The children’s health and /or dental insurance information, premium costs and who it covers
  • • Work or education related child/day care costs
  • • Your household expense information
  • • A hearing date from the Court Administrator’s office in the county of your order for your pro se modification.
  • What you need to obtain a password

    You will be asked to provide your 10-digit participant number and your Social Security Number (SSN).

    If you do not know your 10-digit participant number, but can provide your name, full date of birth and SSN, the Child Support Division (CSD) will provide your 10-digit participant number and a password. If you do not know your 10-digit participant number or SSN, CSD cannot verify who you are.

    NOTE: If you do not know your 10-digit participant number or SSN, call your Child Support Officer (CSO) before contacting the CSD (County child support phone numbers and addresses)..

    How to get a password to use Child Support ezDocs

    Call CSD at 651-431-4400, option 4 and ask for a password to use Child Support ezDocs. You can only use this password to log into Child Support ezDocs. If you lose your password, you will need to call for another one.

    Logging in to Child Support ezDocs
    Link to: Child Support ezDocs
    Username: Your 10-digit participant number will be your username for Child Support ezDocs
    Password: The password you received by calling 651-431-4400

    What if the online financial statement or pro se forms are unavailable?

    If you are unable to access the online financial statement, you can print the Financial Statement DHS-6523-ENG (PDF). After you complete the financial statement, you can mail it or bring it to the child support agency.

    For pro se motions, blank forms to fill in by hand can be downloaded from the state court web site.

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