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Check here often for updated alerts regarding emergency preparedness and health information.

2013 Spring flooding emergency preparedness

As Minnesotans in some areas prepare for flooding, it is important that people with disabilities take steps to prepare for possible flooding. Being prepared can increase your ability to care for yourself during a disaster. Find more information on spring flooding and emergency preparedness.

FEMA alert - elderly and people with disabilities

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is alerting the elderly and people with disabilities to prepare for the winter weather. A few easy steps to prepare for emergencies that might come up include having backup power for medical equipment and a charged cell phone on hand in case land lines are disrupted. Visit the Ready Campaign for more information about preparing for an emergency and tips on preparing for winter storms and extreme cold. For updated news and information, please visit the federal governments disabilities website

Emergency preparedness

If an emergency were to occur in your county or community, would you know whom to call to get information? Do you know how to contact your local city or county emergency manager? The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management has a list of county emergency managers on its website.

You are encouraged to print the following flyer so that if an emergency does occur, you have the phone numbers available to you. View the Emergency Preparedness flyer (PDF). If you have any questions about emergency preparedness, please contact your local Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services office.

Emergency preparedness resources

Food Safety and Inspection Service (USDA) Fact sheet

FDA emergency preparedness fact sheet

FCC emergency communication

Community Emergency Preparedness Information Network (CEPIN)

CEPIN has created a valuable resource about emergency disaster preparedness for Deaf, Hard of Hearing People and DeafBlind People. The video is available online in ASL, voice interpreting and captioning. CEPIN Emergency Preparedness video.
DVD now available for preparing for emergencies

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Division (DHHS) is pleased to provide you with this video stream “READY IN 3: Three Steps to Prepare for an Emergency." During the past several years, the United States Government and emergency response providers have spent a considerable amount of time addressing issues related to emergency preparedness. There is a wealth of information available to people, but unfortunately, the information is not always “communication accessible” to individuals who are deaf, DeafBlind or hard of hearing. The "READY IN 3: Three Steps to Prepare for an Emergency" DVD was developed in Missouri and presented in American Sign Language, so it was already partially accessible. DHHS added captioning and voice over. Individual viewing of this video is fine, but there is great benefit in viewing it with family members or close neighbors or friends so that follow-up discussions can occur. Please view the entire video so that you have full and equal access to this very important topic!
Ready in 3: Large Print (PDF

Video links

  • AccessibleEmergencyInfo.com: Videos with ASL interpreters advising how to prepare for 18 emergency hazards.
  • A video on emergency preparedness for children and teens: Prepared by the Oregon School for the Deaf and the Red Cross.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Together We Prepare: Prepared by the Illinois Emergency Management and the Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission.
  • PSA: Keeping Children Safe from Drowning in Flooded Areas: This short public service announcement (PSA) was created by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. With so many parts of Minnesota vulnerable to flooding, this PSA offers information to parents to help keep their children safe.
  • Video on emergency preparedness developed by CEPIN
  • Ready in 3: Three Steps to Prepare for an Emergency
  • American sign language emergency preparedness videos
  • Ramsey County emergency information

    If you are deaf, deafblind or hard of hearing, live in Ramsey County and experience an emergency that requires you to call 9-1-1 for an emergency responder (first-responder), you may prefer that the first responder knew about your hearing loss without you having to communicate that an emergency situation. A new system now allows you to inform the 9-1-1 center of your hearing loss before an emergency occurs. For details, please see this article from the Star Tribune:
    Proceed to this link if you are interested in signing up for this service

    Health information

    It's important to know what's happening in and around you. There is an endless source of excellent health information on the internet, including these ASL-friendly sites:

  • Deafmd.org: An innovative web site providing valuable health information in ASL to Deaf and Hard of Hearing people.
  • HealthBridges.info: A new website providing health care information to people who are Deaf, DeafBlind, and hard of hearing.
  • If you have any questions about health information, please contact your local Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services office.

    Health information resources
    Health information now available on your mobile device

    You can now sign up for information to be sent to your mobile phone or PDA on seasonal flu, H1N1 flu, public heath emergencies and more. This is made available by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at no cost. However, standard text messaging rates may apply. Click here to learn more about health information on your mobile device.
    CDC highlights flu guidance videos in ASL

    The Deaf Wellness Center at the University of Rochester has produced two informational videos in American Sign Language; “Flu Guidance for Parents” and “Flu Guidance for Adults,” which have been featured on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website. Click here for the link to the CDC’s flu resource page, including the two ASL videos.

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