Collaborative Psychiatric Consultation Service

Minnesota’s consultation service is open for calls from pediatricians, family practice physicians, psychiatrists and other practitioners Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.  The statewide toll-free number is:

 1-855-431-6468 (MINT)

Although children on Medical Assistance fee-for-service are the first priority for this service, the service is taking provider calls relating to any type of children’s mental health issue that arises with any child in Minnesota.   As a service to the community, consultants are also initiating calls to prescribers who may be affected by new Medical Assistance requirements regarding psychotropic medications (see below for more information and a link to the DHS Pharmacy website).

Minnesota's Psychiatric Consultation Service - Q & A (November 28, 2012) (PDF)

Partners to Provide Collaborative Psychiatric Consultation Service to Children

The Minnesota Department of Human Services entered into an agreement with a consortium of regional mental health providers, collaborating together in a new partnership called the Mental Health Integration and Transformation (MhINT) project, to provide psychiatric consultation to pediatricians and other primary care providers who prescribe psychotropic medications for children. The agreement is structured through a contract with the Mayo Clinic and subcontracts with the other MhINT members including Sanford, Essentia and PrairieCare. The contract includes many features which were recommended by the Children's Psychiatric Consultation Protocols Workgroup. The Children’s Psychiatric Consultation Protocols Workgroup met Monday, June 25, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.  DHS and the Mayo Clinic (and its partners) presented implementation plans for the new service.

Following are notes and handouts from the June 25th meeting, including updates made in response to comments shared at the meeting:

Children's Psychiatric Consultation Protocols Workgroup Meeting Notes; June 25, 2012 (PDF)

MhINT Mission Statement and Executive Summary (draft - June 26, 2012) (PDF)

MhINT Overview PowerPoint (June 26, 2012) (PDF)

DHS and the Mayo Clinic plan to use the Children’s Psychiatric Consultation Protocols Workgroup as the advisory group for implementation of this new service.  In recognition of the expanded role for the Children’s Psychiatric Consultation Protocols Workgroup, DHS is seeking additional members, especially representatives of groups who will be using the service, and additional representatives of diverse communities.


The 2010 Minnesota Legislature enacted legislation authorizing the Department of Human Services to develop a Collaborative Psychiatric Consultation Service. As directed by this legislation, DHS convened an interdisciplinary workgroup to develop medication and therapy protocols to guide the consultative process. During 2011, this workgroup developed protocols (see below) to meet the needs of children and youth.

Development of Minnesota’s psychiatric consultation service is coordinated with a new statutory requirement for authorization of certain antipsychotic and ADHD medications for children. The new authorization requirements apply to children who have Medical Assistance fee-for-service coverage and will be phased in after the psychiatric consultation service is available (i.e., after August 1, 2012). Click here (DHS Pharmacy Program) for details regarding specific medications and dosage levels that require collaborative psychiatric consultation as part of the prior authorization process.


Children's Psychiatric Consultation Protocols Workgroup:

ADD/ADHD Subgroup

Bipolar Disorders Subgroup


Differential Diagnosis, including Trauma, Anxiety Disorders and Disruptive Behaviors, Subgroup

Eating Disorders Subgroup

Substance Abuse Subgroup

Triage Subgroup

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