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Rule 79 Case Management Training
There is a $25 daily fee for this training, unless you cancel before the first day of class.

Part 1. CMH401A Mission, Philosophy and Structure
• Case Manager Mandated Responsibilities (PDF)
• Child Development (PDF)
• Child Adolescent Diagnostic Verification Form (PDF)
• Cognitive Distortion Grid (PDF)
• Definitions Emotional and Severe Emotional Disturbance (PDF)
• Diagnostic Assessment (PDF)
• Idea Catcher (PDF)
• Integrated Care (Where we are going) (PDF)
• Mental Health TCM Universal Transfer Form (PDF)
• Mental Health TCM Adult and Child Activities SSIS Reporting Guide (PDF)
• Mental Health TCM Transfer Guidance Document (PDF)
• MN Comprehensive Children's Mental Health Act (PDF)
• MN Rule 79 Case Management (PDF)
• Posttest evaluation (PDF)
• Psychiatric Medications (PDF)
• Rule 79 Case Management Training (PDF)
• Rule 79 Training Content (PDF)
• Service Requirements Goals and Objectives (PDF)
• Training Goals and Objectives (PDF)
• Treatment Approaches (PDF)

Part 2. CMH401B Skill Development
• Adolescent Self-Report (PDF)
• Anoka CMH Handout (PDF)
• Child Adolescent Services Intensity Instrument (CASII) (PDF)
• Child Clinical Interview (PDF)
• CMH Case Management Progress Notes (PDF)
• Cultural Competence (PDF)
• Documentation (PDF)
• Functional Assessment Case Example Mary (PDF)
• Functional Assessment (PDF)
• Glossary of Public Health and Mental Health Programs (PDF)
• Health Promotion Case Example (PDF)
• Health Promotion (PDF)
• Hennepin County Individual Family Support Plan (PDF)
• I Dream (PDF)
• Independent Living Plan Guidance (PDF)
• Individual Family Community Support Plan (PDF)
• Interview and Observation Skills (PDF)
• Mini Mental Status Examination (PDF)
• Monitoring (PDF)
• Personal Health Care Record (PDF)
• Physical Health Screening (PDF)
• Referral and Linkage (PDF)
• Reflection Color Choices (PDF)
• Self-Navigation Skills Assessment (PDF)
• Stages of Cultural Competence (PDF)
• Technical Assistance Representatives (PDF)
• Wellness Assessment (PDF)
• White Privilege (Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack) (PDF)
• Worldview Dimensions (Dominant and Non-Dominant Cultures in US) (PDF)

Part 3. CMH 401C Legal and Ethical Considerations

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