Rule 79 Case Management Training

There is a $25 daily fee for this training, unless you cancel before the first day of class.

Part 1. CMH401A Mission, Philosophy and Structure

Case Manager Mandated Responsibilities (PDF)Child Development (PDF)Child Adolescent Diagnostic Verification Form (PDF)Cognitive Distortion Grid (PDF)Definitions Emotional and Severe Emotional Disturbance (PDF)Diagnostic Assessment (PDF)Idea Catcher (PDF)Integrated Care (Where we are going) (PDF)Mental Health TCM Universal Transfer Form (PDF)Mental Health TCM Adult and Child Activities SSIS Reporting Guide (PDF)Mental Health TCM Transfer Guidance Document (PDF)MN Comprehensive Children's Mental Health Act (PDF)MN Rule 79 Case Management (PDF)Posttest evaluation (PDF)Psychiatric Medications (PDF)Rule 79 Case Management Training (PDF)Rule 79 Training Content (PDF)Service Requirements Goals and Objectives (PDF)Training Goals and Objectives (PDF)Treatment Approaches (PDF)

Part 2. CMH401B Skill Development

Adolescent Self-Report (PDF)Anoka CMH Handout (PDF)CASII ECSII SDQ (PDF)Child Adolescent Services Intensity Instrument (CASII) (PDF)Child Clinical Interview (PDF)CMH Case Management Progress Notes (PDF)Cultural Competence (PDF)Documentation (PDF)Functional Assessment Case Example Mary (PDF)Functional Assessment (PDF)Glossary of Public Health and Mental Health Programs (PDF)Health Promotion Case Example (PDF)Health Promotion (PDF)Hennepin County Individual Family Support Plan (PDF)I Dream (PDF)Independent Living Plan Guidance (PDF)Individual Family Community Support Plan (PDF)Interview and Observation Skills (PDF)Mini Mental Status Examination (PDF)Monitoring (PDF)Personal Health Care Record (PDF)Physical Health Screening (PDF)Referral and Linkage (PDF)Reflection Color Choices (PDF)Self-Navigation Skills Assessment (PDF)Stages of Cultural Competence (PDF)Technical Assistance Representatives (PDF)Wellness Assessment (PDF)White Privilege (Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack) (PDF)Worldview Dimensions (Dominant and Non-Dominant Cultures in US) (PDF)

Part 3. CMH 401C Legal and Ethical Considerations

Legal and Ethical Considerations Slides (PDF)Difficult Conversations (PDF)Ethical Concepts and Dilemmas (PDF)Risk Assessment and Crisis Assistance (PDF)Self-Care (PDF)Termination and Appeal (PDF)Anoka County Children’s Mental Health Crisis Assistance Plan (PDF)Ethical Dilemmas (PDF)Termination and Appeal Case Example – Kevin (PDF)Risk Assessment Case Example – Deborah (PDF)Self-Care Assessment (PDF)
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