Managed Care Reporting

Minnesotans need full disclosure and greater accountability of how public dollars are spent for health care services for people enrolled in Medical Assistance (MA) and MinnesotaCare (PDF) (DHS-4932). In an effort to provide this information, Gov. Mark Dayton directed the Department of Human Services (DHS) to establish this website under a 2011 executive order (PDF). It is a single source for all publicly available state information and reports on managed care plans under contract with DHS for publicly funded health care programs.

About this website

These links provide information on managed care plan quality of care, financials, contracting and reports by state agencies. This information is collected by DHS as the purchaser of health care services for public program enrollees and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), the state agency that regulates managed care plans including health maintenance organizations and county-based purchasing plans. DHS launched the site in April 2011.

  • Contracts
    DHS contracts with each managed care plan for the various groups of people, such as families with children and seniors, covered by MA and MinnesotaCare are listed here. Model contacts and the contracting schedules are also included.
  • Enrollment
    This includes information on how many people are enrolled in each plan and county. A series of maps show which plans are contracted to provide services to public program enrollees in each county for each program.
  • Financial information and data
    This includes links to annual financial reports from the plans with data on revenues, expenses and net income for all their health care business.
  • Quality, outcomes and performance measures
    This is information about health care services provided to people through managed care plans. It includes information about quality of care, efforts to improve services, incentives for providers to improve care and customer surveys.
  • Reports and audits
    These are reports and audits related to managed care plans required by the Governor and/or Legislature.
  • Reports on Initiatives to Improve Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other Developmental Conditions
    Managed care plans and county-based purchasing plans are required to implement strategies that facilitate access for young children to periodic developmental and social-emotional screenings, allowing access to appropriate evaluation and assessment, including treatment recommendations to improve the child’s functioning, with the goal of meeting milestones.

  • Report on the Value of Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) Managed Care, as Compared to Fee-for-Service

    DHS contracted with Public Consulting Group (PCG) to author a report on the value of managed care for state public health care programs required by Minnesota Sessions Laws 2012, Chapter 247, Article 1, Section 31. Specifically, PCG was tasked with determining the value of managed care for Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) in comparison with a fee-for-service (FFS) delivery system. This is their report.

  • Value of MHCP Managed Care compared to Fee-for-Service (PDF) (DHS-6787)

  • Feedback on this site

    DHS welcomes feedback and suggestions to make this a useful and user-friendly tool. Click on the “Report/Rate this page” link below to send comments.

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