Managed care reporting: Contracts

Model contracts

Managed care public programs model contracts, DHS
These are the model contracts that are used by DHS to contract with managed care plans to provide health care services to families and children in Medical Assistance (MA) and MinnesotaCare and seniors and people with disabilities in MA.

Current year contracts between DHS and managed care plans

These are the individual contracts between DHS and the managed care plans for health care and long-term care services for various groups of people enrolled in public programs.

2016 Medical Assistance (MA) and MinnesotaCare families and children contracts

2016 Minnesota Senior Health Options (MSHO) and Minnesota SeniorCare Plus (MSC+) contracts

2016 Minnesota Special Needs BasicCare (SNBC) for people with disabilities contracts

Previous year contracts (no longer in effect) between DHS and managed care plans

The terminology used to describe people with developmental disabilities has changed over time.  While DHS supports the use of “people first” language within its documents, certain outdated terms may still be found within historical and official documents, such as statutes and reports, and other documents created by third parties.

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