Outpatient Mental Health Services


Amendments to the rule for outpatient mental health services covered under Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare have been adopted with an effective date of June 28, 2011. These changes at parts 9505.0370 to 9505.0372 update program coverage standards and incorporate changes in practice standards.

Links to Rule

Bulletin 11-53-03 provides questions and answers about the Mental Health Clinical Services Administrative Rule. Links to sections of the rule are listed below.

  • Definitions (9505.0370)
  • Coverage Requirements (9505.0371)
  • Covered Services (9505.0372)
  • Updates

    Effective immediately, MH professionals who intend to be clinical supervisors for MH practitioners working as clinical trainees providing diagnostic assessments, explanation of findings or psychotherapy under outpatient MH services, or psychotherapy under CTSS or CTSS day treatment must complete the Qualified MH Professional Clinical Supervision Assurance Statement (DHS-63300 form.


    MORE trainings on the Diagnostic Assessment criteria in the revised rule will be offered this February, March, April and May 2012. All training sessions will be classroom style at this time. You will need to enroll in these sessions online through Pathlore. You will find them listed under “Class Schedules/Registration” and each course will include all information on dates/times and locations. Below are the hand-outs for Diagnostic Assessment and Clinical Supervision training sessions.

    For Clinical Supervision Training:

  • 2011 Clinical Supervision PPT (PDF) 15 pages revised 11/1/11
  • Supervision Plan Example 4.11.11 (PDF) 2 pages
  • For Diagnostic Assessment Training:

  • 2011 DA PPT (PDF) 43 pages revised 11/1/11
  • Standard Adult DA case study (Rick) (PDF) 6 pages (11/1/11)
  • Standard Child DA case study (Etta) (PDF) 20 pages
  • Extended DA Example (Marie) (PDF) 9 pages
  • Resources

  • Cultural Influences Defined (11/1/11)
  • Fee for Service Rates for Diagnostic Assessment (PDF)
  • Diagnostic Assessment (DA) Report Components (9505.0372 subpart 1 items A-E) PDF) Revised 11/1/11
  • Questions

    A significant part of rule implementation is responding to questions. Because of the volume of questions we expect and the number of staff within the divisions who could potentially respond to those questions the department has decided to post a list of frequently asked questions and their responses. This serves two purposes:

  • • Allows readers to see all of the questions and responses and
  • • Provides standardized responses.
  • Questions should be directed to the Provider Call Center Voice: (651) 431-2700 or 1-800-366-5411.


  • Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) (12-31-11)
  • Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) from Bulletin 11-53-03
  • Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) (8-25-11)
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