Disability website unveils new work planning feature

Disability Benefits 101, a comprehensive benefits and work-planning website for people with disabilities, recently unveiled a new feature that offers professionals tools and resources to improve work outcomes for people with disabilities.

DB101’s new “Partners” tab helps professionals make a difference in how people with disabilities think about and plan for work through three learning modules:

  • Set the Stage for Change: Understand the new way of thinking about work for people with disabilities and how to ready your workplace.
  • Go Deep and Apply: Learn about important work incentives and how DB101 can be a resource for your daily work.
  • Get a Smart Start with Youth: A training toolkit to help insert benefits planning into work with youth in transition.
  • The three modules include online trainings on benefits and work, materials to use at staff meetings, reference tools, information and exercises and inspirational streaming videos.

    DB101 was launched by the DHS Disability Services Division through the Pathways to Employment initiative in an effort to transform policies and systems to better support people with disabilities in exploring and attaining work.

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