Hearing aids

The technology of hearing aids has exploded during the past few years. Therefore there is more confusion than ever about the different kinds of hearing aids, what to consider when purchasing hearing aids, etc. Below you will find information for yourself or your clients that may answer some of these questions.

Implantable hearing aids

Check out the following web sites for information about this new technology, designed for those with a sensorineural hearing loss of a moderately-severe to severe degree who are unable to benefit adequately from conventional hearing aids.

  • E-Medicine – Implantable Hearing Devices
  • The Future is Here: The Otologics Fully Implantable Hearing System
  • Help Ear Allied Research (HEAR)
  • The telecoil in hearing aids

    Telecoils are a mechanism inside the hearing aid which enable the hearing aid to be used directly with hearing-aid compatible telephones and most assistive listening devices. This is technology you should know about. For information about telecoils, go to:

  • The Importance of Telecoils- SHHH Position Paper
  • Telecoils in Hearing Aids in the US
  • Basic Hearing Aid Options
  • Where can I get financial help for the purchase of hearing aids or other assistive listening devices?

    For further information, contact the DHHS regional office nearest you.

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