Minnesota Child Welfare Training System


Course Descriptions for Trainers

CSP700: Foundations of Training

This training helps participants understand the training foundations necessary to deliver high quality training sessions by recognizing the role of the trainer, a solid curriculum package, and an effective learning environment.  Participants will build skills related to applying adult learning principles to a diverse group of learners while employing media, technology, and various training techniques.  Participants will also grasp key concepts related to learning cycles, transfer of learning processes, and evaluation.

CSP701: Foundations of Culture for Trainers

Learners will learn the DHS definition of culture, how culture is framed within the training system and review theoretical foundations of culture.

 Learners will develop and refine their cultural thinking skills by challenging personal assumptions and internalizing more than one worldview, using critical analysis and comparative thought to form opinions about intercultural interactions and practicing reflection, suspension of judgment, tolerance for ambiguity, empathy, and mindfulness.

 Learners will demonstrate intercultural communication skills by expressing thoughts and ideas with clarity, purpose, and cultural awareness, and recognizing how empathy, openness, and attentive to language affects the communication in one’s training style.

 Learners will incorporate cultural learning into their training style by identifying cultural techniques and language that can be used in training sessions, responding to cultural cases and cultivating cross-cultural training skills that flow naturally from the trainers.


This training covers the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), the Minnesota Indian Family Preservation Act (MIFPA) and specific practice areas and expectations of which social workers should be aware.  These include issues arising from the child protection intake process; a basic understanding of tribal sovereign immunity; and an understanding of the underlying concepts of ICWA and MIFPA, including active efforts.  In addition to presentations to the large group, there will be small group discussion and time for questions.

CSP705: Annual Update

Interactive learning for MCWTS staff and contracted trainers; including system information and training skill building.

Questions about TOT Trainings

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