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May 12, 2016

Note: This newsletter may include links to items within the Systems Information Resource (SIR) or ONEsource, which both require login IDs and passwords. If you need access to SIR or ONEsource, please contact your agency’s security liaison for the steps to take to get access.

Form 1095-B

All Forms 1095-B have been mailed; corrected forms expected to be mailed soon

DHS mailed all IRS Forms 1095-B in February 2016 (February 5–23). Forms were mailed to people who had Medical Assistance (MA) or MinnesotaCare during any month of 2015.

The first corrected Forms 1095-B are scheduled to start going out this week. Corrected Forms 1095-B report changes to 2015 months of coverage, a member’s name or a member’s Social Security number that have been processed since December 2015.

Form 1095-B is a federal tax information form. States use this form to provide certain public health care program members with information about the number of months of minimum essential coverage (MEC) (also called qualifying health care coverage) they had during the year. States also provide this information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The form provides public health care program members with the information to answer a question about health coverage on the 2015 federal tax form. As a provider of MEC, DHS mailed Forms 1095-B to MA and MinnesotaCare members who had coverage during 2015. We will also provide form information to the IRS.

A ONEsource page about Form 1095-B is available for workers. The page provides information and resources that workers can use to answer members’ questions about the form. It also includes instructions for viewing and reprinting forms and making corrections reported by members. More instructions will be added to this page as they become available.

A Form 1095-B web page for MA and MinnesotaCare members is available on the DHS website.

Rollout of ISDS SMRT to Counties


DHS announced the rollout of the new Integrated Services Delivery System (ISDS) State Medical Review Team (SMRT) referral system via a March 17 SIR announcement to workers and a March 14 email to county human services administrators. We provided additional information, including a revised rollout timeline, in an April 7 SIR announcement to workers and email to county administrators. The new referral system is rolling out in three phases; the first phase began March 21, and the second phase begin May 2. The third (and final) phase rolls out June 13. The new web-based referral system will allow workers to submit SMRT referrals online instead of by fax.


July renewal notices began going out May 2

We mailed July MA renewal notices starting May 2.

MinnesotaCare premiums

MinnesotaCare billing and payment tracking has moved to a new system

In March 2016, beginning with billing and payments for May 2016 coverage, billing and payment tracking for MinnesotaCare premiums transitioned from the Financials system, used since January 2014, back to the Financial Control subsystem in MMIS. MMIS Financial Control was the billing system of record for MinnesotaCare until 2014. The transition back to MMIS Financial Control allows DHS to have better control over billing and payments. It also allows enrollees the option of paying their premiums online.

A guide about the transition was provided to workers via SIR (see this March 10 SIR announcement).

The first bill from MMIS Financial Control was sent the week of March 21 for May coverage. The bill for June coverage was sent the week of April 18, and the bill for July coverage will be sent around May 16. The bills produced by the new system look different from previous ones. They include information about premiums, continuing coverage, bill payment, and what a grace month* is.

*DHS is statutorily required to implement policy allowing a MinnesotaCare enrollee to remain covered for one month (a “grace month”) after nonpayment of a premium. May 2016 was the first possible grace month for enrollees. For general information about grace month policy, see section II.B.2 of Bulletin 15-21-05, Legislative Changes to Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare.

Reminder: Have workers direct all calls about premiums to MinnesotaCare

Workers should continue to direct all calls about MinnesotaCare premiums to the MinnesotaCare staff at 651-297-3862 (metro) or 800-657-3672 (toll free).


New ONEsource procedures available

DHS recently released new ONEsource procedures on the following topics:
• Adding or editing residential treatment evidence: See this May 11 announcement.• Processing eligibility for children in foster care: See this May 5 announcement.

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