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Changes to Background Study Process and Implementation of NETStudy 2.0

Overview of Background Study Changes

Background Studies Presentation to Stakeholders

NETStudy 2.0 Overview
Implementation timeline for expansion of fingerprint (updated June 2015)

January 2015 Implementation and transition plan, provider notification; user training Quick Links

Implementation and Projected Transition Plan


Provider Notification and User Accounts

User Training and Support


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  • About Minnesota’s background study program

    Minnesota implemented its background study system in 1991 for certain employees who work with children and vulnerable adults. DHS is the lead agency in the state for background study determinations related to health and human services programs, including child day care centers. The scope of the program has grown considerably over the last 20-plus years and includes completing background studies on individuals interested in working in licensed health care facilities, such as nursing homes and hospitals, to those interested in providing services to people in their homes. The department conducts over 270,000 background studies per year.

    Minnesota Receives Federal Grant to Implement National Background Check Program

    The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) was awarded a $3 million grant by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in August 2012 to enhance the background checks conducted on employees of long term care (LTC) facilities and other programs. The National Background Check Program (NBCP) helps LTC facilities and providers avoid hiring individuals with certain criminal histories by conducting federal- and state-level criminal background checks on job applicants. Minnesota is one of a number of states awarded grant funding under the NBCP.

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