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Disasters Affecting Nursing Facilities

In all disaster situations, the health and welfare of the residents should be the first priority.

Minnesota Statutes 12A.10 gives the Department of Human Services (DHS) authority to provide Medicaid (Medical Assistance or MA) funding for eligible expenses, to nursing facilities affected by natural disasters and other emergency situations – for up to 60 days following the disaster.

In the event of an evacuation, the normal daily rate continues to be paid by DHS to the evacuating facility as long as the residents are not formally discharged. Receiving (sheltering) facilities may apply for assistance in the form of a set amount of $ 132.86 per resident day (equal to the current statewide average operating payment rate). DHS will consider individual facility concerns or unusual circumstances with regard to the adequacy of this payment, on a case-by-case basis. All payments are made to the evacuating facility, which is responsible to pay the receiving facility the amount due to them as determined by DHS.

Evacuating facilities should notify DHS as soon as possible with the names, dates and destinations of evacuated residents using the Facility Evacuation Form available through the DHS reimbursement coordinator. Evacuating facilities are also responsible to notify DHS immediately upon return of residents to their facility.

If you have questions about the process of to request a Facility Evacuation Form, please email the DHS reimbursement coordinator.

Note: For MN Nursing Facilities that have any resident who is being evacuated and that resident is the financial responsibility of the North Dakota Medicaid (MA) Program, please email the North Dakota Department of Human Services.

Related statutory language is available here: Minnesota Office of the Revisor – M.S. 12A.10

Emergency resources related to Home and Community-Based services are available on DHS Disability Services webpages


Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Informational Bulletin 10-2

MDH Health Care Emergency Preparedness website

MN Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM)

HSEM Contacts: Regional Program Managers and County Emergency Managers

State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) – for news releases and situation reports

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