Integrated Licensing Systems: MDH Home Care and DHS HCBS Licensing

Interim System

  • • In the interim, providers currently licensed by MDH as a Basic Home Care Service Provider under Minnesota Statutes Chapter 144A may also provide HCBS services subject to licensure under Minnesota Statutes Chapter 245D, without obtaining a 245D license.
  • • MDH licensed home care providers who provide HCBS subject to licensure must enroll as a MHCP provider and must comply with all other requirements under 245D.
  • What Will Integrated Licensing Do?

  • • MDH Basic home care licensees who provide Basic level HCBS will get a HCBS “designation” from MDH added onto their home care licenses (starting July 1, 2015).
  • • MDH home care licensees do not have to obtain a second HCBS license from DHS.
  • • MDH MDH will collect a supplemental fee for the “designation.”
  • • MDH staff will enforce HCBS laws and requirements along with home care requirements.
  • Exceptions

    Home care providers required to obtain a 245D license:

  • • Licensed home care providers that provide:
  • • “Foster care services” defined under one of the disability waivers (EW/AC is excluded).
  • • In a corporate adult foster care (AFC) home.
  • • Where ALL residents of the home receive foster care services or supported living services licensed under 245D.
  • • MUST convert the AFC license to a 245D-Community Residential Setting (CRS) license.
  • • In order to hold a 245D-CRS license the provider must obtain a 245D-HCBS program license.
  • Minnesota Department of Health – Home Care Licensing
  • Read Minn. Laws, chapter 108, article 8, section 60, that establishes the integrated licensing system for home care and home and community-based services.

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