MnCHOICES launched in county lead agencies

MnCHOICES, the new comprehensive assessment and support planning application for people of all ages and disability types needing long-term services and supports, will be in use beginning Nov. 4 in Dakota and Ramsey counties and the White Earth Nation. After today, other lead agencies will begin to use MnCHOICES at two- to 10-week intervals in nine launch groups with the goal of MnCHOICES being used statewide in June 2014.

“We have been looking forward to reaching this first milestone and seeing how this tool begins to help better tailor long-term services and supports to the needs and choices of the people we serve,” said Pam Erkel of the DHS Continuing Care Administration, who is leader of the MnCHOICES business team.

MnCHOICES replaces three current assessments: the Developmental Disability Screening, the Long-Term Care Consultation and the Personal Care Assistance assessment. In the future, MnCHOICES will conduct assessments for private duty nursing.

Erkel said MnCHOICES has been a departmentwide effort including strong partnerships across the Continuing Care, Health Care and Chemical and Mental Health Services administrations, the DHS Financial Operations Division and Social Services Information System (SSIS) staff in MN.IT @ DHS. Leading up to this milestone has been extensive training and intensive work with developers, testers, consultants, and experienced staff in DHS and lead agencies, she said.

More information is available MnCHOICES page on the DHS public website:

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