MnCHOICES is a single, comprehensive, web-based application that integrates assessment and support planning for all persons seeking access to Minnesota’s long-term services and supports. The Initiative Fact Sheet is an overview of the web-based application.

DHS has redesigned the MnCHOICES site. Check out the Quick links section below and the CountyLink left column MnCHOICES drop-down menu that lists all MnCHOICES pages.

Latest News & Updates

Followup: Efficiencies for achieving full implementation MnCHOICES Assessment (PDF): On April 27, 2017, DHS released a memo detailing efficiencies DHS has created to help lead agencies meet the deadline for the full MnCHOICES Assessment implementation. As a follow up to the memo, this document includes clarification and further context regarding use of legacy documents.
Memo on MnCHOICES Efficiencies for achieving full implementation (PDF)
: This document has information about efficiencies DHS has created to help lead agencies meet the Jan. 1, 2018, deadline for full implementation of MnCHOICES Assessment.

Quick links

These are links to documents you use every day. Click on MnCHOICES in the left column to see a complete list of pages.

Assessment Guidance Documents
Developmental Disability Screening Document Fields (Guidance)

Long Term Care Screening Document Fields (Guidance)
PCA Service Agreement Document Fields (Guidance)
Forms for LTSS Assessment, Eligibility, and Support Planning
Using CSP DHS-6791B with a MnCHOICES Assessment
When to use the MnCHOICES Assessment

Certified Assessor
Assessment content documents

Statewide list of certified assessors

MnCHOICES Interagency Contact Point (MICP)

MnCHOICES Interagency Contact Point (MICP) list

MnCAT process: Instructions and checklist for lead agencies

MnCAT process: Instructions and checklist for qualified candidates

MnCAT Step 4: Recertification instructions and guidance

Support Plan
Support Plan training

Webinar Schedule

Webinar archive: Disability Services Division

Help Desk Request Form

MnCHOICES office hours schedule

2016-2017 anticipated Assessment release and outage schedule
Release notes and companion documents
Troubleshooting documents

All documents more than 2 years old have been archived.

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