DHS sees increase in maltreatment reports and investigations

The number of reports of maltreatment in Minnesota licensed programs in fiscal year 2013 increased by 7 percent while the number of substantiated reports rose by 10 percent. These are some of the findings in the Minnesota Department of Human Services FY 13 Maltreatment Report (PDF) to the Legislature.

Also noteworthy is that from FY 12 to FY 13, the number of maltreatment investigations the department was able to complete in FY 13 increased 9 percent over the previous reporting period.

The focus of this legislative report is the investigation of maltreatment in DHS-licensed programs that are directly monitored by DHS and in adult foster care settings that are otherwise monitored by counties. Data in the report combines information about reports and investigations of alleged maltreatment of both vulnerable adults and minors in DHS licensed programs. In the 2013 legislative session, funding was allocated for additional licensing resources that will assist in completing open investigations within the required 60-day timeline.


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