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Waiver provider enrollment standards

Page posted: 1/23/14

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Page updated: 11/24/14

Legal authority

BI, CAC. CADI, DD and Elderly waiver plans, Minn. Stat. chapter 245D, Minn. Stat. ง256B.0913 and Minn. Stat. ง256B.4912, subd.1 and 5


DHS has moved to more centralized management of home and community-based services waiver and Alternative Care services.

As of Jan. 1, 2014:

1. HCBS waiver and AC services (or sub-services) fall into three distinct service tiers defining the way in which service providers are approved and services are regulated.
2. Providers of Tier 1 HCBS waiver and AC services must enroll with the DHS Minnesota Health Care Provider (MHCP) program.
3. The new 245D HCBS waiver/AC service license became effective Jan. 1, 2014. Waiver services previously licensed under 245B have transitioned to a 245D license.
4. Twelve previously unlicensed HCBS waiver/AC services require a 245D license.

* MHCP Provider Manual EW/AC service page (Services are linked to a disability waiver service page, but also is offered under EW and/or AC).

Tier 1 services

Tier 1 services require enrollment as an MHCP provider and include the following home and community-based services listed below. All providers requiring a DHS or Minnesota Department of Health license are Tier 1 providers.

Services licensed under 245D

Basic support services

Intensive support services

Non-245D services licensed by DHS

Services licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health

Services requiring certification

Tier 2 community market services

Tier 2 community market services are delivered by MHCP providers or lead agency-approved vendors and include the following:

Tier 3 receipt services

Tier 3 receipt services are delivered by MHCP providers or lead agency-approved vendors and include the following:

Provider requirements

All HCBS waiver and AC service providers must comply with state service standards.

Tier 1 service providers must enroll with DHS as MHCP providers.

MHCP enrollment, while encouraged for Tier 2 Community Market and Tier 3 Receipt service providers, is optional where lead agencies elect to offer an alternative arrangement.

Whether operating as MHCP providers or, where permitted, lead agency-approved service vendors, all providers of waiver services must meet and comply with state service standards.

Licensed providers

Many Tier 1 services require DHS or MDH licensure as well as MHCP enrollment. Service pages include information and navigable links clarifying mandatory licensure requirements.

Services involving direct contact with HCBS waiver/AC program participants

Minn. Stat. ง256B.4912, subd.1 (3b) (3c), requires staff that provide direct contact, as defined in Minn. Stat. ง245C.02, subd. 11 meet the requirements of chapter 245C prior to provide waiver services and part of ongoing enrollment. Service owners and managerial officials overseeing the management or policies of services that provide direct contact must meet the requirements of chapter 245C prior to reenrollment with Minnesota Health Care Programs or, for new providers, prior to initial enrollment with Minnesota Health Care Programs if they have not already done so as part of the service licensure requirements. Service pages include information and navigable links on the background study process and filing procedures.


Effective Jan. 1, 2014, most providers newly enrolling with the MHCP home and community-based waiver and the Alternative Care programs must complete:

Lead agency oversight

HCBS waiver/AC service vendors who are not MHCP Providers vendors

Lead agencies that elect to have non-enrolled service vendors deliver Tier 2 community market and Tier 3 receipt services must assure vendor qualification and service delivery in compliance with state standards. For more information on the requirements associated with this optional lead agency function (including required document templates), see CBSM — Lead agency oversight of Tier 2 and Tier 3 service vendors.

Frequently asked question

For ongoing guidance and operational instructions on the Jan. 1, 2014, transition, please consult the Waiver provider standards frequently asked questions.

New tool to search for providers

To find providers of waiver and Alternative Care (AC) services, search MinnesotaHelp.infoฎ. DHS developed an instructional guide (PDF) to assist lead agencies and service recipients navigate MinnesotaHelp.infoฎ.

Tutorial videos for waiver service providers can help providers navigate the provider portal section of MinnesotaHelp.infoฎ. In the provider portal, the provider can add, change or delete information about their agency that is stored in the MinnesotaHelp.infoฎ database. The provider portal includes a link to the tutorial videos in the “Request Inclusion” box on the left hand side of the page.

Additional resources

245D license resources

DHS licensing

DHS 245D HCBS licensing page


HCBS technical assistance

  • • For questions about the new 245D licensing standards for providers, email
  • • For technical assistance on policies related to programs, contact the DSD Response Center
  • • For news and important dates about changes to policy and procedures, see the Making sense of system change on the public website.
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    The New HCBS Waiver and Alternative Care Provider Resource Document provides links to resources and step-by-step instruction as it relates to Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) enrollment and 245D licensure.

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