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Minnesota Department of Human Services RMS User Manual
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Asleep: Direct care staff that are allowed to sleep, but are available to respond to planned or unplanned participant events. Only on site.

Awake: Direct care staff that must remain awake and engaged. Can be on site or remote.

Average staffing ratio: The relationship between the disability waiver client, direct care staff and the number of clients being served by one staff person over an average week.


Banding: Banding creates limits for changes in framework service payment rates that change because of DWRS implementation.


Direct care staff: Provide direct support and assistance with activities of daily living, instrumental activities of daily living, and training to participants, in their home or during community activities, as directed in the individual service plan. Can be provided by nurses or supervisors acting as direct care staff. Can be shared or individual.


Individual: Direct care staff brought in solely to provide support as a one-to-one interaction specific to an individual client’s needs.


On site: Direct care staff that physically are present in the setting. Can be awake or asleep.


Remote: Direct care staff that physically are not present in the setting, but are engaged in real-time service provision. Only awake.


Shared: Direct care staff that serve or are available to all residents in a home. This includes many individual services provided to a resident in the home when these services are provided within the shared staffing pattern.

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