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Minnesota Department of Human Services RMS User Manual
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How-to use the RMS (steps to entering a rate agreement)

The Rate Management System (RMS) is a web-based application. It is important to note that you should not use the back button while in the system.

If you need SSIS access, please see the DSD E-list: Disability waivers rate system management reopened on Dec. 9 2013

If your SSIS access is not working, please contact SSIS via email or call 651-431-4801. To email the DSD Rates team, use

How to use RMS

For more information on how the RMS generates payment rates using specific criteria, please see the RMS information exchange section on the Rate Management System page in the CBSM.

For additional training, please see the RMS User Manual Training Modules page. Specifically, watch the module: How to calculate a rate in the Rate Management System (RMS).

Use the following action steps in the RMS tool to determine payment rates for individual services.

Steps to entering a rate agreement

Action and expected result

Step 1

Log onto SSIS
Go to tools
Choose DWRS

Expected result

SSIS welcome page appears.

Step 2

Click Search by PMI under client information

Expected result

Client information page appears.

Step 3

Enter PMI and DOB
Click search

Expected result

Faint grey type appears on name, DOB, and PMI boxes

Step 4

Click service plan

Expected result

Manage service plan section appears containing any previously created plans

Step 5

To create a new plan, click add

Expected result

Pop up box appears

Step 6

On the box labeled waiver click select

Expected result

Waiver types appear

Step 7

Select waiver type from options listed

Expected result

Waiver box fills with waiver type that was selected

Step 8

Click start date box

Expected result

Calendar feature appears

Step 9

Use calendar to select start date or enter date

Expected result

Start date fills with date selected/entered

Step 10

Click end date box

Expected result

Calendar feature appears

Step 11

Use calendar to select end date or enter end date

Expected result

End date fills with date selected/entered

Step 12

Click save

Expected result

Manage service plan section showing newly created plan is displayed

Step 13

Click show services

Expected result

Available service selections are shown

Step 14

1. Check box of service being added to plan
2. Check Save

Expected result

Service becomes underlined

Step 15

Click on underlined service

Expected result

Rate agreement appears

Step 16

1. Enter NPI for provider of service being added to plan
2. Click find

Expected result

Name of provider appears

Step 17

Use calendar to select service start/end dates

Expected result

Start and end date boxes fill

Step 18

Select county of residence

Expected result

Selected county name appears

Step 19

Enter info into all remaining boxes and/or use drop down menus to select from options listed. (See day, unit-based, residential, and customized living/24-hour customized living, and residential care tables for info to obtain prior to RMS data entry.)

Expected result

Boxes fill with information

Step 20

If not entering a non-framework/rate exception:
1. Click calculate

Expected result

Service total displays

Step 21

1. Right click anywhere on rate agreement
2. Choose print
3. Send printed copy to provider

Expected result

Print box appears

Step 22

If not adding providers

1. Click lock record
2. Close
3. Return to select services page

If adding providers

1. Click add
2. follow steps 16-21

Step 23

If entering non-framework/rate exception information

1. Enter county approved unit rate
2. Select type from options listed
3. Briefly describe need in reason box.
4. Complete Disability waiver rates system exception request form, DHS 5820
5. Submit DHS-5820 to DSD
6. Click calculate again
7. Right click anywhere on rate agreement
8. Choose print
9. Send printed copy to provider
10. Click lock record
11. Select close to return to select services page

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