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Minnesota Department of Human Services RMS User Manual
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Unit-based fields

This page provides field descriptions used by the Rate Management System (RMS) to determine rates for unit-based services. Some services will not require input for each listed field.

The unit-based services include:

  • • Behavioral support
  • • Companion care
  • • Housing access coordination
  • • In-home family support
  • • Independent living skills (ILS) training
  • • Night supervision
  • • Personal support
  • • Respite care services 15-minute
  • • Supported employment services
  • • Supported living services (SLS) 15-minute.
  • Fields

    Before entering data into RMS, it will be helpful for you to gather information beforehand.

    Field name


    Provider NPI

    Enter provider’s NPI or UMPI. Do not enter county UMPI.

    Information you need

    Provider’s National Provider Identifier (NPI) or Unique Minnesota Provider Identifier (UMPI)

    Service start and end date

    Enter start date and end date to match MMIS service agreement line.

    Information you need

    Day service starts and ends

    County of residence

    Use drop-down menu to select county of residence.

    Information you need

    County where person lives

    Staff to recipient ratio

    Use drop-down menu to select 1:1 or 1:2 (ILS training); or select 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3 (supported employment services). DD waiver SES is a 1:1-only service.

    Information you need

    Number of people receiving ILS training or supported employment services at the same time from the same staff person

    Total units

    Enter number of units.

    Information you need

    Number of units inclusive of service start and end date that person is authorized to receive service


    1. Review screening document to determine if person meets criteria
    2. Choose appropriate option from drop-down menu.

    Information you need

    Determine if person meets criteria for deaf/hard of hearing customization

    Exception unit rate

    Enter amount of requested rate.

    Information you need

    Rate that will be requested on Disability Waiver Rates System exception request application, DHS-5820

    Exception type

    Use drop-down menu to select type.

    Options you will see

  • • Exception – person will be discharged/service needs cannot be met
  • • Manual banding needed
  • • Residential-change in service plan
  • • DT&H partial-day
  • Exception reason

    Choose reason from drop-down menu or enter narrative to describe “other.”

    Information you need

    Brief description of why exception was needed

    Exception approval

    Leave blank (This is a DHS-entered field).

    Exception approval reason

    Leave blank (This is a DHS-entered field).

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