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Page posted: 8/12/14

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Legal authority

Deficit Reduction Act, 2005 (PL 109), sec. 6071 (PDF), Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, 2010 Sec. 2403 (PDF), Minnesota Statutes, section 256B.04, subdivision 20

Required training for MHM providers

Providers who offer customized supported employment services to Moving Home Minnesota participants are required to complete the Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators (ACRE) training.

This is a 40-hour training. Each training session is limited to 18 people. Participants must:

  • • Be approved and selected by DHS to participate
  • • Attend all sessions
  • • Commit to a specific process
  • • Pass the post-test with a score of at least 80 percent.
  • Learning objectives

    Providers will learn to use defined customized employment tools and techniques to help people with disabilities gain competitive employment positions. They must:

  • • Develop an individualized approach to employment planning and job development
  • • Utilize a “one person at a time – one employer at a time” approach
  • • Provide strategies to individualize and match the strengths, conditions and interests of a candidate to the needs of an employer
  • • Learn to personalize the employment relationship between a candidate and an employer in a way that meets the needs of both.
  • Target audience

    The target audience for this training is supported employment service staff that has access to multiple funding streams for employment planning and employment support services. If you fit that category and want to proceed, make sure you:

  • • Hold a current license for supported employment services in 245D
  • • Are a community rehabilitation provider or limited-use vendor with Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • • Are willing to become an employment network in Ticket to Work.
  • Process for being accepted for training

    DHS bases acceptance to training on multiple factors, including the diversity of the service delivery areas needed for supported employment services in MHM.

    To be considered, providers must commit to:

  • • Only use approved customized employment tools
  • • Provide customized supported employment services to MHM participants through the demonstration grant
  • • Complete the 40-hour ACRE certified customized employment training (attend all sessions and pass post-test)
  • • Complete Discovery Staging Records (and accompanying documentation/forms) and submit the first three to training facilitator Griffin-Hammis for review during development and upon completion.
  • • Participate in monthly online or phone conferences with all employment providers and Griffin-Hammis consultants.
  • • Agree to follow DHS processes.
  • Approved customized employment tools

    DHS requires certified providers to use the following customized employment tools:

  • • Discovering Personal Genius™
  • • Discovery Staging Record™
  • • The Three Vocational Themes™
  • • Lists of Twenty™
  • • Informational interviews
  • • Interest-based negotiation
  • • Employment supports
  • • Ongoing support and career development
  • DHS processes

    Providers must commit to follow DHS processes:

  • • Sign an agreement with the individual (include employer or supervisor area, if applicable) to provide employment services and act in an advisory role
  • • Deliver services “one person at-a-time”
  • • Participate in the Discovery Assessment for six to eight weeks (30-60 hours)
  • • Develop themes
  • • Create Lists of Twenty™
  • • Conduct informational interviews (three to five per week)
  • • Secure wage employment or pursue self-employment (when indicated) for each assigned job seeker
  • • Complete worksite analysis and training plan upon hire
  • • Report data/outcomes on a quarterly basis
  • • Use approved customized employment tools
  • Lead agency responsibilities

    Lead agencies are responsible to communicate with providers about the MHM training requirements.

    Registering for training

    Class information is available on the ACRE certified customized employment training flyer for Fall 2014 (PDF).

    Additional resources

    Moving Home Minnesota list of certified providers

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