Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Resources

General resources for providers and service recipients

Resources on the following topics are being developed and will be available on this web page. Visit this page frequently for updates. Items with a link are available now.

  • • Know the incident response and reporting requirements for 245D licensed programs
  • • Provider report of emergency use of manual restraint in a 245D licensed program with report instructions (PDF)
  • • Complete a Positive Support Transition Plan (PDF) from requirement review (PDF) and instructions (PDF) for 245D licensed programs
  • • Provider report of death or serious injury in a 245D licensed program
  • • Report alleged or suspected maltreatment
  • • Report alleged or suspected 245D licensing violations
  • • Print a 245D HCBS self-monitoring tool. This tool is used to track provider compliance with the 245D HCBS standards.
  • 245D-HCBS and Related Training

    New and current training resources

  • •  Resources for New HCBS Waiver/245D Licensed Providers
  • This document describes the Home and Community Based Waiver and Alternative Care Programs and provides information how to become a 245D Licensed HCBS Waiver or Alternative Care Provider, including enrolling as a Minnesota Health Care program provider.
  • •  Home and Community Based Services Waiver & Alternative Care - Provider Training 101
  • This document provides information about the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waiver and Alternative Care (AC) Programs Provider Training 101 that is available to help providers learn basic information about Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) and the (HCBS) waiver and (AC) programs operations, policies and requirements.

    Contact DHS Licensing

  • • Go to Licensing Division Contacts for information on contacts for information about DHS Licensing
  • • If you have questions about completing the 245D HCBS license application or questions about 245D HCBS licensing standards, please contact the 245D Help Desk at 651-431-6624.
  • Find HCBS providers

    Find licensed HCBS providers using one of the links below:

  • • Use Licensing Information Lookup to search for frequently requested public information and find listings of DHS licensed programs and services.
  • • Use MinnesotaHelp.info to find a disability, aging, family and other resources in Minnesota.
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