Death data match report

The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) sends a Death Data Match report to your county’s MN–ITS mailbox on the twenty-fifth of each month. This report helps county collection workers recover Medical Assistance (MA) benefits given to clients who are now deceased.

What is in the report?

The Death Data Match report matches current death certificates filed in Minnesota to people who received MA services. The report tells you when MA clients in your county died. It lists their last names alphabetically, followed by this identifying information:

• Person Master Index (PMI) number • Social Security number • date of birth• date of death • last known address

How do I use it?

Review the information for each deceased MA client and determine if a claim against the client’s estate is allowed. If the claim is allowed, you should proceed with recovery as provided under Minnesota Statutes, Section 256B.15, and the DHS Health Care Programs Manual, Section 19.50.

Keep using your county’s procedures

The Death Data Match report is an additional tool to help you recover funds and reimburse MA payments. Do not rely on this report as your sole resource. The report does not list all deceased MA clients in your county against whose estates claims can be made. Continue to use your county’s established procedures for recovering funds.

Where do I find the report?

We send the report to the RECIPIENTFILE folder of your county’s MN–ITS mailbox.

We label the file like this: (yourNPI)_RECIPIENTFile_YYYMMDD_MonthlyDeathMatch

When should I expect it?

We send the report on the twenty-fifth of each month. We sent the first report on December 25, 2014. The first report is important, because it identifies any matches in your county for the last six years through November 2014.

Each subsequent report shows matches for the previous month. For example, the January 2015 report shows matches we found during the month of December 2014. Data from one report does not carry over to the next report.

If you do not receive a Death Data Match report from us on the twenty-fifth, it is because we did not have new data for your county. We only send you a report if we find matches in your county in the previous month.

Who can access it?

Each county has a MN–ITS account, which it uses to submit claims to Minnesota Health Care Programs, verify eligibility, retrieve mail and conduct other business. Each account has its own administrator, who is responsible for determining user access to the account.

Your county must determine:

• How it will use the report, • Who will have access to the report in MN–ITS and • The process for disseminating the report within the county.

To assign user access to the report, see the Death Data Match Create/Modify/Assign MN–ITS User Access guide.

For step-by-step instructions on retrieving the report, see the MN–ITS Death Match User Guide.

Who can I ask for help?

If you have questions about the Death Data Match report, contact the DHS Special Recovery Unit at 651-431-3204 or toll free at 800-657-3963. Choose option 3 and then option 2.

If you have questions about MN–ITS or need technical assistance with MN–ITS, contact the MHCP Provider Call Center at 651-431-2700 or toll free at 800-366-5411. Choose option 6.

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