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Minnesota Department of Human Services ICF/DD Manual
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Advanced Search

Use this form to search for documents by keyword(s) or page title.
You can also search the full text of documents by entering text in the Page Text field.
Leave a field blank if you do not want to search it.


Advanced Search Tips:

  • The basic search field in the upper-right corner of the page searches the most areas of the documents. In addition to searching the full text of each page, it also searches the page title and any search terms that may be in a page's keywords or description. Because it searches all these fields, you will most likely get the most search results from the basic search.
  • If you leave a field blank on the Advanced Search form, that metadata field will not be searched. For example:
    • If you don't enter a Keyword, the Keyword and Description metadata fields of the document will not be searched.
    • If you don't enter a Page Title, the Page Title metadata field will not be searched.
    • If you don't enter anything in the Page Text field, the text of the page will not be searched.
    • If you enter text in each of the Advanced Search fields, you will typically get a narrower set of results, because more fields will be searched for your search term(s).
  • All searches are based on the exact text you enter in a field, in the exact order you enter it. This includes punctuation marks, spaces, special characters, etc. For example, if you were to search for old, you would get results containing not just the word old, but also cold, older, household, — in other words, any results that contained the text old.
  • Searches are not case-sensitive. For example, MMIS is treated the same as mmis.

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