Child support

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Minnesota's child support program has many partners

Minnesota’s child support program benefits children by enforcing parental responsibility for their support.

The Minnesota Department of Human Services' Child Support Division supervises the child support program. County child support offices administer it by working with parents to establish and enforce support orders. The department also works with employers and other payors, financial institutions, other states and many more to implement federal and state laws for the program.

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Change to monthly collections helps struggling families

In the past, for custodial parents who were on public assistance and receiving child support through the state-county child support system, their monthly public assistance payments were reduced dollar for dollar. That meant less money was going directly to their children.

Effective Oct.1, 2015, monthly collections up to $100 for one child and $200 for two or more children will no longer reduce custodial parents’ cash assistance. This will help struggling families on financial assistance programs make ends meet.

Online child support payments

Parents who owe child support can make payments using Minnesota Child Support Online (MCSO) at Payments can be made from your savings or checking account to the Minnesota Child Support Payment Center through a secure online application.

To register to use this site, you will need your child support participant number and your PIN. During registration, you will create your own password and user ID.

Private information

Anyone can ask for public data. Case-specific child support information is classified as private data under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. The Act restricts child support workers from sharing case information unless they are authorized.

Private data on individuals or nonpublic data not on individuals can be given to:

  • • The person who is the subject of the data
  • • Others who the law says can see the data
  • • Anyone the person who is the subject of the data says, in writing, can see the data.
  • Releasing private information

    In some situations, parents may want someone else to have access to information about their child support case, such as a current spouse, attorney, relative or friend. If you would like the Department of Human Services (DHS) and the county child support office to give you private information concerning another person's child support case, that person must complete the Authorization for Release of Child Support Information to a Third Party (PDF). The authorization can be faxed or mailed to the child support worker.

    Topics of Interest

    The Minnesota 2013 Child Support Performance Report (PDF) provides data for Federal Fiscal Year 2013 (which is Oct. 1, 2012 – Sept. 30, 2013) on state and county information related to the federal performance measures, collections and caseloads, ranking, comparisons, and other useful information about Minnesota’s Child Support program and services.

    For employers—File Upload is an enhancement to Minnesota Child Support Online (MCSO). File upload allows employers to submit one child support payment file for all of their employees rather than enter each employee individually. There is no cost for using File Upload. Before payments can be submitted using File Upload, your business must be registered on MCSO.

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