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Minnesota’s Child Protection and Child Welfare Supervision

Support, Resources and Training

Safety Resources:
The Minnesota Child Maltreatment Screening Guidelines provide direction to county social service agencies; promote statewide consistency in definition and practice; and inform the general public about types of child safety concerns that may constitute child maltreatment. These guidelines were developed by a broad-based team of state, county, tribal, court and community partners and are based on Minnesota Statute 626.556, Reporting of Maltreatment of Minors Act.

Mandated Reporter Training and Curriculum for County Trainers.
is available to assist county and tribal social service agencies in educating their communities about child abuse and neglect; the roles and responsibilities of mandated reporters; and the process for making child maltreatment reports. The curriculum includes a specific focus on the issues of poverty and racial disparities in child maltreatment reporting.

For more information about the curriculum or to request assistance in providing mandated reporter training at either a county or regional level, please contact Terry Besaw at

Notice: Your rights as parents when your child is removed from your home

Title IV-E Support and Resources:
Title IV-E Foster Care Resources Directory
Includes contact information for DHS staff and Regional Eligibility Determination Trainers
Judicial Determinations and Hearing Requirements to Establish and Continue Title IV-E Reimbursement for Child Welfare Foster Care Placements

Other Resources:
Listing of County Children’s Services Supervisors

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