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The state child support office at DHSoperates the payment center, Minnesota Child Support Online website and the Payment Line. County child support offices work directly with parents to establish and enforce support orders.

Case and Payment Information

Payment Line

Child Support Partners Line

General Information Line
County Child Support Offices
State Child Support Office
Problem with My Case

Case and Payment Information

If you have an open child support case, you can get up-to-the minute information about payments or your case:

  • at Minnesota Child Support Online, a secure website, or
  • by calling the Child Support Payment Line, a secure interactive voice response system.

    Getting information from these systems is easy and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Simply enter your child support participant number and your personal identification number (PIN). If you do not have a PIN, call your county worker and ask for one. Your worker will mail it to you at the address in the case.

    Payment Line

    You can find out about recent payments or withdrawals on this automated phone system. You will need your participant number and PIN.

    651-431-4340 Twin Cities metro area
    800-657-3512 Outside the metro area

    TTY users can call:
    651-431-4342 Twin Cities metro area
    888-234-1208 Outside the metro area
    or use the Minnesota Relay at 711

    If needed, you can speak to a customer service representative about:

  • your direct deposit account
  • your automatic recurring withdrawal account
  • other issues with payments or withdrawals

  • Representatives are available from 8 a.m, to 4:30 p,m, CST, Monday through Friday.

    Child Support Partners Line

    The Child Support Partners line is an automated phone system specifically for employers, payors of funds, community partners, and child support agencies outside Minnesota at:

    651-431-4344 Twin Cities metro area
    800-657-3890 Outside the metro area
    TTY users can use the Minnesota Relay at 711

    Customer service representatives are available 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

    General Information Line

    If you need answers to general questions about federal regulations, state statutes or department policies as they relate to child support in Minnesota, call for recorded information 24 hours a day, seven days a week at:

    651-431-4199 Twin Cities metro area
    800-657-3954 Outside the metro area

    TTY users call: 651-431-4196 Twin Cities metro area
    888-234-1208 Outside the metro area
    or use the Minnesota Relay at 711

    County Child Support Offices

    If you need to help getting a child support order or collecting child support, contact your local county child support office.

    If you have an open case and cannot get the information you need from Minnesota Child Support Online or the automated Payment Line, contact your county child support office. Case work is done by the counties. Your county worker has your file and is in the best position to help you.

    If your worker does not resolve your questions or problems, ask to talk to a supervisor at the county. If you are still have problems with your case, you contact the state office.

    County child support phone numbers and addresses

    State Child Support Office

    Minnesota Department of Human Services
    Child Support Enforcement Division
    P.O. Box 64946
    St. Paul, MN 55164-0946

    651-431-4400 Phone
    651-431-7517 Fax

    Employer payment address
    Obligor/Parents payment address

    Problem with My Case

    In Minnesota, most enforcement remedies have complaint or dispute resolution processes that are outlined in the due process notices. Other issues involving child support cases are resolved through a complaint resolution process that involves state and county procedures.

    45 C.F.R. 303.35
    Administrative complaint procedure
    Minnesota Statutes, section 518A.76
    Case Reviewer

    Child Support Case Review Procedure

    Personnel issues follow individual county escalation processes.

    Case enforcement or policy issues:

    1. Individuals with policy or systems issues must first bring their complaint to their Child Support Officer (CSO).

    2. If resolution is not obtained, the individual may contact the CSO's supervisor or county designee.

    3. If resolution is not obtained at the supervisor level, the complainant may proceed up the county chain of command.

    4. If still not resolved, the individual may contact the CSED Help Desk. The specific paper documentation and computer system information reviewed is case-specific and depends on the question(s) asked.

    5. If the individual has still not received resolution to the issue(s), he or she can write a letter to the Minnesota Child Support Enforcement Division Director.

    If the state office receives a request from a case participant to review the collection process or other activity on his or her case, the request will be logged, tracked, and assigned to a staff person on the Help Desk. If the state office receives the request orally, the case reviewer may ask the requestor to submit it to the state office in writing to document the assertions, issues and questions to adequately research and respond to them.

    The state office responds to written requests for a case review in two weeks. If a review of all the issues takes longer, the case reviewer may send an interim letter explaining that the review is in process and include the date by which a final response will be sent.

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