Child Support – Employers and Payors of Funds

Employers play a pivotal role in Minnesota’s child support efforts and make a valuable contribution to the lives of Minnesota’s children. Through income withholding, employers collect more than 70 percent of all the support disbursed, and through new hire reporting, they help match employees with support obligations. Cooperation between employers and child support agencies encourages parental responsibility, reduces taxpayer costs for public assistance, and helps families provide for their children.

The Employer’s Guide to Minnesota Child Support Laws (DHS-3177) (PDF) is a brochure that provides instructions for employers about child support laws in Minnesota.

Minnesota Child Support Online

Minnesota Child Support Online is a Web site that allows employers and other payors of funds to submit information about employee terminations and to make income withholding payments online.

Employers can register to use Minnesota Child Support Online. It is a secure Web site that meets all of the security requirements of the State of Minnesota. Registration is easy. To access and use Minnesota Child Support Online an employer needs a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), a user ID, and a password.

Minnesota Child Support Online offers File Upload for employers to submit one payment file for all of their employees who pay child support rather than enter each employee individually. Employers must register their business before they can use File Upload. There is no cost for using File Upload. Enhancements will soon allow payors of funds to update health insurance and employee addresses and verify employment online.

New hire reporting

New hire reporting is important for child support location and enforcement. Laws require all employers to report newly hired and rehired employees, whether they owe child support or not, to a state directory. Information, online forms, and answer to questions about new hire reporting are available at the Minnesota New Hire Reporting Center.

Income withholding

Most child support orders require income withholding. The child support agency works with employers and other payors of funds to automatically take support and maintenance obligations from employees’ pay.

Child support orders sometimes require employers to withhold medical support in addition to other support and maintenance from employees’ pay. Orders may also require employees to provide medical and dental insurance for their dependents.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Employers may elect to send child support withheld for employees by EFT rather than by check using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. To start using EFT, download the Electronic Funds Transfer Guide (PDF). If you have questions, please contact the state child support agency Employer EFT Helpdesk by:



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