Child Support Payments

Minnesota support payments, including child support, spousal support, child care support and medical support, must be sent to the Minnesota Child Support Payment Center.

Child Support Payment Center

The Child Support Payment Center is a federally required state disbursement unit that receives and disburses child support collections. Regardless of which county manages a child support case, all payments are processed and disbursed through the Child Support Payment Center. This unit is part of the Minnesota state child support office..

Staff at the payment center receipt payments Monday through Friday. They send most payments to parents within 48 hours (one day for recording the payment into the child support computer system and one day to process the payment).

Payments received at the Child Support Payment Center on Friday, Saturday or Sunday are issued the following Monday. Payments received the day before state holidays are issued the next business day.

Making payments

Information about the payment process is tailored to answer questions of different groups:

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