Child Support - Locating parents

To establish, modify or enforce a support order, the child support agency must have a current address or employment information for both parents.

If the child support agency does not know where a parent lives or works, the agency can gather information from the other parent and many sources including:

  • • Credit reporting agencies
  • • Current and past employers
  • • Federal Parent Locator Service
  • • New Hire directories
  • • Other states' child support agencies
  • • United States Postal Service
  • • Utility companies.
  • State resources

    Some information available from Minnesota government agencies includes:

  • • Birth records
  • • Drivers’ licenses
  • • Employer reports
  • • Hunting and fishing licenses
  • • Occupational licenses
  • • Prisoner information
  • • Public assistance
  • • Student grants
  • • Unemployment compensation
  • • Vehicle registration
  • • Workers’ compensation
  • Federal resources

    The Federal Case Registry contains state child support case data and may be used to help locate parents across state lines. Data in the federal registry are matched daily against quarterly wage information and unemployment insurance records submitted by each state to the National Directory of New Hire Reporting.

    Federal law requires all employers to report information about newly hired and rehired employees. Employers report all of their information to one state even if they have employees in multiple states. Each state reports the information to the National Directory of New Hire Reporting.

    Parents with child support cases

    Parents have a role in location activities. Parents are responsible for reporting changes to the other parent the court, and the child support agency within 10 days of a change of:

  • • Residential and mailing address
  • • Telephone number
  • • Driver's license number
  • • Social Security number
  • • Name, address, and telephone number of the employer
  • Contact your county child support worker if you have changes to report. Parents must also comply with requests for information from the county child support agency.

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