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Minnesota Department of Human Services Community-Based Services Manual (CBSM)
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Extended home care services

Tier 1 Services

Page posted: 10/01/03

Page reviewed: 07/01/14

Page updated: 1/23/2015

Legal authority

Federally approved BI, CAC, CADI and DD Waiver Plans


Extended home care services follow state plan home care policies, but allow the services to exceed the limits on amount, duration and frequency.

Covered services

BI CAC and CADI Waivers

  • Home health aide (HHA) extended
  • Personal care assistance (PCA) extended
  • Home care nursing (HCN) extended
  • Therapies extended - Physical, occupational, speech language/pathology, and respiratory
  • DD Waiver

    Non-covered services

    Extended home care services are not covered services when Medical Assistance (MA) home care services have not been authorized to the extent allowed under the state plan limits.

    Case manager and service coordinator use of extended home care services

    Case managers/service coordinators use the following information when the lead agency authorizes both MA state plan and waiver extended home care services according to the assessed needs.

    HHA, HCN and PCA use

  • • MA state plan Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCs) codes with the number of units up to policy/service limit and
  • • Waiver extended HCPCs codes for service units over and above MA State plan limits
  • Therapies

    1. Case manager or service coordinator confirm MA state plan limits have been used
    2. Do not add to service agreement
    3. Use waiver extended HCPCs codes for service units over and above therapy limits as determined in coordination with therapist(s).

    Provider standards

    1. Home health aide (enrollment required tier 1 service)
    2. Home care nursing (enrollment required tier 1 service)
    3. Therapies (enrollment required tier 1 service)

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