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Minnesota Department of Human Services Community-Based Services Manual (CBSM)
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Structured day program

Page posted: 10/1/03

Page reviewed:

Page updated: 5/30/17

Legal authority

Federally approved BI Waiver Plan, Minn. Stat. §245D.03


Structured day program: Service designed for people who may benefit from continued rehabilitation and community integration directed at the development and maintenance of community living skills.

Covered services

Structured day program services take place in a non-residential setting separate from the person’s home. They must include intensive therapeutic interventions.

Structured day program services include supervision and specific training to allow the person to attain maximum potential and include:

  • • Reduction/elimination of maladaptive behavior
  • • Sensory/motor development
  • • Social skills training.
  • Services aimed at preparing the person for community reintegration such as teaching concepts, which may include but are not limited to:

  • • Attending
  • • Money management
  • • Problem solving
  • • Safety
  • • Task completion.
  • Services will normally be furnished two or more hours per day on a regularly scheduled basis, for one or more days per week.

    Secondary information

    Structured day program services are distinguished from adult day services because of the individualized and intensive therapeutic nature of the program.

    The person may receive the following rehabilitation therapies while in a structured day program. However, the provider must bill the rehabilitation therapies to the state plan and not the waiver as part of the structured day rate.

  • • Cognitive
  • • Occupational
  • • Physical
  • • Speech.
  • Provider standards and qualifications

    Structured day program is a DHS enrollment-required service. For more information, see CBSM – Waiver/AC provider enrollment standards.

    License requirement

    A structured day program provider must have a license under Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 245D as an intensive support service provider. A provider licensed under 245D must report all uses of controlled procedures, emergency use of manual restraint and prohibited procedures according to Minn. Stat. 245D.06, subd. 5 to DHS via the Behavioral Intervention Report Form, DHS-5148 (PDF).

    Authorization, rates and billing

    Structured day program is a framework service. The lead agency uses the Rate Management System (RMS) to determine rates. For more information, see CBSM – Rate Management System and Long-Term Services and Supports Service Rate Limits, DHS-3945 (PDF).

    Additional resources

    Briefcase resource document: Transportation and day and employment services
    CBSM – BI, CAC, CADI and DD waivers general process and procedures

    Rate Management System (RMS) User Manual

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