The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) works to ensure that appropriate housing is available for the people we serve by supporting systems that integrates housing, services and income supports to enable adults to live in the community.

Group Residential Housing 

Group Residential Housing (GRH) is a state-funded income supplement program that pays for room-and-board costs for low-income adults who have been placed in a licensed or registered setting with which a county human service agency has negotiated a monthly rate.

Please visit the new page for clients of the Group Residential Housing (GRH) program at mn.gov/dhs under People We Serve.

Information for providers about rates for these programs is available on the GRH payment rates page.

Housing Resources ToolBox replaced with Housing Benefits 101

The Housing Resources ToolBox has been replaced with a new website called Housing Benefits 101. It provides individuals and their families, county staff and housing and service providers information to address the unique needs of older adults, people with disabilities and the homeless.

Mailing list for housing providers

  • Providers of GRH and Minnesota Supplemental Aid Housing Assistance (formerly known as MSA Shelter Needy) can sign up for email updates about these programs.

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