Deaf and Hard of Hearing

We all know someone who is deaf or hard of hearing - a family member, friend or coworker - or perhaps you have a hearing loss. People of any age can experience hearing loss. Some people are born with hearing loss, for others it develops later in life.

Regardless of the type of hearing loss, all deaf and hard of hearing people have unique needs. The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Division (DHHSD), a division in the Minnesota Department of Human Services, is here to help.

Who We Serve

• Minnesotans of any age who are:

• Deaf

• Hard of Hearing

• Late Deafened

• Deafblind

• Parents and family of those with a hearing loss

• Public and private service providers, including schools

• Employers and businesses

• Other interested individuals and the community-at-large

What we offer

• Information and referral

• Provide information and materials about hearing loss and available services

• Assist with finding other services

Assistance to deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing individuals and their families members to:

• Identify and help solve problems

• Help access services from other agencies

• Coordinate services with other agencies

• Educate about assistive technology

Consultation with agencies to:

• Provide information about working with people who have a hearing loss

• Inform them how to improve their program accessibility for Minnesotans with hearing loss

Sensitivity and awareness trainings offered on:

• Deaf culture

• Working with an interpreter

• Communication tips

• Adaptive equipment

• Accessibility laws

• Empowerment

• Other related topics

Resource and demonstration labs

Several DHHS offices offer "hands-on" demonstation labs featuring equipment such as amplified telephone, TTYs, signaling devices, and assistive listening devices.

Videotapes on a variety of topics related to hearing loss are available for loan or rental.

Telephone Equipment Distribution (TED) Program

• This program provides TTYs, amplified telephones, ring signalers, and other telephone equipment

• It's available at no cost to eligible Minnesotans who have a hearing loss, or are speech and/or mobility impaired.

• For more information, visit

Contracted services

• DHHSD contracts with various community-based agencies and organizations and address unique needs.

• Contractors provide mental health, interpreter referral and deafblind services to deaf, hard-of-hearing and deafblind Minnesotans.

• For more information, visit our contracts page.

DHHS advisory committees

• For information about our advisory committees, click here.

• To apply for membership on one of our advisory committees, click here.

• To locate your nearest DHHS or for more information, click here.

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