Semi-Independent living services

What are semi-independent living services (SILS)?

Semi-independent living services are services that include training and assistance in managing money, preparing meals, shopping, personal appearance, hygiene and other activities needed to maintain and improve the capacity of an adult with a developmental disability to live in the community. A goal of SILS is to support people in ways that will enable them to achieve personally desired outcomes and lead self-directed lives.

Who is eligible for SILS?

To be eligible to receive SILS, the recipient must meet all these criteria:

  • • Be 18 years of age or older
  • • Be determined to have developmental disability or a related condition
  • • Be unable to function independently without semi-independent living services
  • What services are available through SILS?

    Reimbursable costs include training and assistance in:

  • • First aid and obtaining assistance in an emergency
  • • Learning and exercising rights and responsibilities of community living
  • • Nutrition, meal planning and preparation
  • • Obtaining and maintaining a home
  • • Personal appearance and hygiene
  • • Self-administration of medication
  • • Shopping
  • • Social, recreation and transportation skills, including appropriate social behavior
  • • Using the phone and other utilities
  • Additional ways to use SILS include:

  • • Contract with unlicensed providers who are not related to the person to provide support services
  • • Issue vouchers or cash grants to enable persons to pay providers for their services
  • • Provide one-time housing allowances of up to $1,500 to cover some of the costs related to damage or security deposits for housing rentals, utility deposits and connection costs, household furnishings and other items necessary to enable the participant to secure a home in which to receive semi-independent living services
  • How can persons apply for SILS?

    You can contact your local county agency (PDF). The amount, type, cost and expected outcomes of SILS to be provided, must be indicated when services are authorized.

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